Total Body Lift / Cost????

on 3/28/13 9:37 am - albany, NY

I had gastric bypass surgery almost 10 years ago. I never had plastic surgery and I'm thinking about having it done. Since its all out of pocket and I need everything done, I was wondering if folks could share costs with me. I've looked on the internet and the only thing I'm finding is that because I live in New York it will be costly because its the most expensive state when it comes to plastic surgery.

I lost 195 pounds and I know that I need alot of work done. If I had to pick what I would have done first it would be my thighs than my arms. I would love to have it all done since everything needs it but it just doesn't look good when it comes to cost.


I know its personal to ask cost, but I don't want to go there not knowing and get my hopes up. I have a budget of $20,000

Thanks so much


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on 3/28/13 9:49 am

I am scheduled for a lower body lift (tummy tuck, outer thighs, rear end), with butt autoaugmentation (using your own skin as an implant of sorts), and mons lift (pubic area) on April 23rd.  My surgeon is in Bethesda MD, a wealthy suburb of Washington DC.  My total cost for this procedure is $16,455 (including hospital stay and fees).  He is going to do a few other "mild" things (remove a mole, refine a scar, and take some fat from my thighs to fill my marionette lines on my face) while he is in there- those are all no charge.  I'll be returning to him for a breast lift and augmentation later this summer, but I havent gotten a final price on that yet (he offers discounts on returning patients), but I believe that will be about $7000.  My jury is still out on whether or not I want to do my inner thighs and arms...  Im not 100% sold on those yet.


In any case- its probably a safe bet that any surgeon you find would prefer to do legs and arms in separate surgeries.  They like you fully functional on at least one end (at least thats what all 5 surgeons I consulted with said).  You can likely accomplish both of those within your budget though.  If I remember correctly, the brachioplasty was around $3000 for my surgeons fee- they I just had to add in the hospital, OR, anesthesia fees.  

on 6/26/13 8:47 am - MA

May I ask who your doctor was? I am interested!


I made some videos of my lower body lift done by Dr. Amy Colwell. Also my  breast augmentation and extended arm lift (armlift & flankplasty)  Recent vids-

Two weeks post op-

Three days post op-

Day of surgery-

on 4/2/13 2:51 am

A lower body lift  will range from 15K to 20K. 

The lower body lifts quotes that I got from 4 different consults included the following: removal of skin from the front lower abs, pulling down of skin from above belly button, tightening of muscles in front up to beneath the breasts, outer thigh lift, removal of excess fat/skin on buttox and the lifting of the butt. You have a full circumferential incision and relocation of original belly button.

It is very important when comparing costs to have a detailed list of what is to be done, don't just take the words "lower body lift " form one surgeon and think it is the same as another surgeon.

If the surgery is done in a main hospital, private operating suite, or a small surgical specialty hospital are all issues that make a difference in the pricing. Also if they use a nurse anesthetist vs and anesthesiologist (sp?) makes a cost difference.  Having to stay overnight  can add $700 - 1200. Typically if a procedure is to take over 6 1/2 hrs it is recommended to keep the patient over night due to being under anethesia so long.  The experience and certifications of a surgeon can make a price flucuation of ~ 3K$.  Skimping on experience and certifications to save a $$$ is not recommended. Performing procedures together often reduces the cost, but you need to be certain that combining the procedures will not put added pressure on the surgeon to get them done in the time required and have him rushed.

I understand after losing 100+ lbs there may be a lot of issues to address. What you need to do is ask yourself what bothers YOU the most and go from there. For me, have a more balance figure was most important. Even after losing a tremendous amount of weight, I still was disproportional, extra weight in hips/thighs and tiny waist.

Plastics is a process.... there is recovery time and time to adjust to what you see.

Best of luck with your endevor.

on 4/2/13 3:03 am - TX

Just had a LBL a few months ago in Dallas.  Total cost was $13,500 ($8,000 surgeons fee, and the rest was the operating suite and the recovery room for 2 nights).  If I remember right, the all-inclusive estimate for the medial thigh lift was $8,000.  That's as far as I've gone on pricing, because these were the two procedures that I most wanted. 

on 5/3/14 10:35 am

Hi I am in the Dallas area who was your surgeon? I am interested in a total and for the lower half that was a good price. What hospital did you use?

on 5/3/14 2:28 pm - TX

Richard Ha, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has a surgical suite at his office that I've used, but I know how operates out of several other hospitals.  The price was pretty much the same with all three surgeons I consulted.

on 4/5/13 2:47 am

I had:

Lower Body Lift including using the cut off portion of your butt inserted to augment the shape. (auto-gluteal augmentation)

Full brachioplasty (armpit to elbow)

Breast lift with implants

Neck Lift

Fat injections to my face

A few moles removed

12 days stay at the Hampton Inn with a nurse coming daily to help with showering/ dressing changes and getting the compression garments back on, the surgeon  visited nearly every day also.

Flight Included

2 full sets of compression garments included

All anaesthesia costs/ clinic costs included

Pain Medication included

3 meals a day at the clinic


Total $17,400.00

Dr. Sauceda in Mexico. A very skilled surgeon specializing in WLS patients. Very professional man.

*Prices will vary from person to person depending on how much work your body needs. My cost was pretty average.

on 4/23/13 1:44 pm
VSG on 02/21/13

I thought Dr. S doesn't really use pain medication, and it is advised to bring it there from the States?  Could you also have added a thigh lift at the same time?

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on 4/23/13 1:57 pm

Dr. S uses the usual narcotics while you are in the clinic. When you go to the hotel, he gives you Tramadol to take.  Some patients take heavier pills with them for the hotel.  I had the works done and didn't even use  the Tramadol he gave.

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