Panniculectomy Before & After Pics

on 8/30/13 6:39 am - Walnut Cove, NC

Who all has Panniculectomy before and after pics that I could look at?  I am planning to have the procedure in January and would like to see what results I might can look forward to.  I currently weigh 255 and hope to lose some more weight prior to the surgery.  I appreciate any advice or helpful comments!




Lori wink

Megan M.
on 8/31/13 12:16 pm - Canada

If you google it, you'll find loads of pictures.  That's what I did.  Found befores that looked like me, and got an idea of what I would look like after.

Had RNY surgery July 22/11, St. Joe's Hamilton, with the awesome Dr. Scott Gmora.  Had abdominoplasty August 2/13, Scarborough, with equally awesome Dr. Michael Kreidstein.

on 8/31/13 12:36 pm - Walnut Cove, NC

Hi Megan!  I have googled it and viewed many pictures, just was hoping to find someone who could individually share their story and pics with me!



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