Paying for Surgery

on 1/14/14 1:25 am - NC

The prospect of finally having an attractive and proportionally correct body is fantastic.  However, due to the long list of things I really want to fix:  stomach, butt, thighs, legs, breasts, the overall cost is far greater than I can afford. I'm barely surviving paycheck to paycheck.  Did any of you do fundraisers or find alternative methods for payment?

 I had a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Procedure in the Raleigh area on June 9th, 2011 by Dr. Moran.            

on 1/14/14 9:14 pm - phila., PA

A second job and Care Credit,  I started saving for PS at the time of my RNY

a fundraiser in my opinion is very tacky

on 1/15/14 4:20 am - grand rapids, MI

My mom lent me the money for my surgeries and has a very generous repayment schedule (I told her 10 years so monthly payments aren't outrageous).

on 1/15/14 8:55 am - STONE MOUNTAIN, GA

I used care credit to pay part of my surgery.

on 1/18/14 7:44 am

I borrowed it from my 401k. 

on 4/5/14 12:57 am
VSG on 11/25/14

I haven't even had my WLS yet but I have read (on the WLS) that u need to remember self pay is going to be a lot different than what they charge the insurance companies. They always over charge the insurance but rarely does the insurance company ever pay what the bill is asking for. You need to ask what the procedures would cost without insurance as oppose to how much they charge the insurance. Some times doctors will have a payment plan to. I know what it like living pay check to pay check. Also look into the hospital to see if they have any plans they might have to help pay for some of the bill. I remember once many years ago I couldn't pay for a surgery and the hospital had some kind of program for people that didn't make much money and they ended up paying for my whole surgery. But my surgery was also medically necessary at the time.