Pat R.
on 8/3/17 12:23 pm - Burrillville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Anyone heard of this process, or know someone who had it?? We're being swamped with TV adds, I'm curious.

5'6"~ H.W. 294 S.W. 284 C.W. 214.8 goal 175

Weight loss M1 -19lbs M2 -8lbs M3 -6.2lbs M4 -5.4lbs M5 -6.4lbs M6 -2lbs M7-6.4lbs M8 -3 lbs

M9 -1.8 lbs M10 -1.8 lbs M11 -6.4lbs M12 -1.4lbs M13 +1lbs M14 -2.2lbs



on 8/4/17 5:27 pm
VSG on 10/25/16

There are lots of ads because the vendors are hoping it's going to be a big money maker.

It probably works but it will require multiple treatments and in the long run will probably be an expensive option.

on 8/18/17 5:57 am

Hello, my daughter works at a dermatologist office, her office charges about $1600. It basically freezes extra fat. She said some people have great results. Personally, I'm not sure if its worth the money.