on 10/24/17 10:31 am
VSG on 10/17/16

Just wondering how you're doing... Hope all went well. Update when you're up to it.

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on 10/25/17 11:34 am
VSG on 04/30/14

Hello there! Thank you for checking in, SallyCat, I appreciate it.

Surgery went well. It has been 6 days since my brachioplasty/UBL. Surgery was 5 hours long and I went home the same day. No drains either. Had my first follow up yesterday and she said everything looks great.

Recovery has been manageable, especially with the help of Percocet. Moving around has been a challenge, as expected, however my hubby is great at being a nurse. I've been sleeping in a reclining leather office chair with a ****yx cushion to sit on and 3 pillows behind my back/head and my legs propped up on the side of the bed. This has been remarkably comfortable and I like that the chair can be either locked into an upright position for mealtimes and standing up, or, unlocked to allow reclining when resting/sleeping. I didn't have a gravity chair to use, my recliner is downstairs with no bathroom access and I was hesitant about lying in bed. This has worked really well for me. I used a kingsized bed pillow laid across the armrests to prop my arms onto. This way I'm able to be in the master bedroom close to hubby at night (so no need to yell when I need help) and the bathroom is nearby, too.

I haven't used a toilet riser at all and was able to clean myself when bathrooming from the start. Not easy but do-able. Ended up getting my period the day before surgery and I was able to manage that as well. I used a walker the first few days mostly because of the drugs and wanting something close by to lean on because of the soreness and weakness. Didn't have my first BM until yesterday and that's probably a good thing as I think cleaning that far back would've been very painful those first few days. I'm good with all those areas now.

I left the medical facility in my compression long sleeve bolero jacket and no ace bandages. I've only showered once since surgery and getting that garment off/on has been exhausting and challenging but it helps a lot. I am experiencing significant swelling, tho, in other parts of my body. Because of the compression bolero plus I'm wearing my compression knee-high stockings all the swelling is in my abdomen/thighs and it's a lot. I wear a size 8 and I'd bet my legs/saddlebags are a size 16 right now. I couldn't put on pants if I needed to so it's been pajama bottoms all the way. Doc says although it's more swelling than typical it's still considered normal and eventually my body will start to re-absorb it or I'll start peeing it out. I'm on day 6 and I think I'm finally starting to see some diminishing of it.

Arms and hands were quite swollen, too, especially the first 4 days. Much better now. No numbness to speak of but fingers/arms are sore and tight-ish, but again, healing normally. I'm cleared to start wall walking of hands and regular exercise in the form of walking. She also encourages me to slowly try raising my arms to shoulder height.

No lifting of more than 5 lbs for 4 weeks.

Biggest challenges now is the increased swelling by end of day, burning of the incisions/tape as they heal and puffiness. All these are things I can deal with. I'll probably wait until weekend to try sleeping in the bed as I'm still worried about the lying down and getting up part. The office chair has been great and fairly comfy so I'll stick with it. getting used to rising using only stomach and legs, no hands, takes practice but after a couple 'pain reminders' I'm getting good at it.

Lots of resting required and more fatigue than expected but I'm ok. Haven't really had a chance to see the results but she did say one of the lipomas was really, really big (but normal in tissue structure) so I'm glad it's gone.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm a little dopey so maybe some sentences won't make sense.

Take care. Deb

Surgery: April 30, 2014: HW: 288 SW: 250 CW: 149, Achieved Goal (155 lbs): April 8, 2015

on 10/25/17 12:23 pm
VSG on 10/17/16

So glad to hear from you. I know you were worried and a bit nervous. I had breast and arms done at the same time 10 years ago. It was my first PS. Believe it or not, my doc had me pick out what bothered me most, and that was it. Most people go tummy first.

You chair set up sounds pretty ingenious! I would have never thought of doing it that way.

I don't remember having a lot of swelling in my lower body but it may have been more spread out because I didn't wear any compression on my legs. And I know everybody is different. Glad to hear it is diminishing.

I think the arm raises are really important, so glad to hear she suggested that.

It sounds like you are well on your way. Take care of yourself. Sounds like you have a good helper.

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

on 10/25/17 4:22 pm
VSG on 04/30/14

Thanks, Sally! Yes, hubby is amazing tho we are facing 'attitude' challenges at this point because of the waking every few hours for pain meds and to help me uncover and get up/get settled, lack of sleep and the fact he has never been one to wake up with sun shining out of every body part. Still, I'm grateful.

I'd say this surgery in terms of pain is less than the abdominoplasty/BL in 2015 and rear belt lift in 2016, but most challenging in relation to movement and helplessness. At least with the others I could move my upper body, feed myself, scratch my nose, brush my teeth from the get-go. Anyway, all good now and feeling better each day.

Next and final planned surgery is medial thigh lift, likely in April 2018. Unless I win the lottery - then the list will get much, much longer.

Surgery: April 30, 2014: HW: 288 SW: 250 CW: 149, Achieved Goal (155 lbs): April 8, 2015

Gwen M.
on 10/26/17 11:41 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I'm so glad things are going mostly well!

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on 10/26/17 2:52 pm
VSG on 04/30/14

Thanks, Gwen! I'm improving daily. Weighed myself today and am +13 lbs since surgery 7 days ago - I laughed out loud at that. Well done, me! Got to shower today and go out to grocery store and pharmacy plus got flu shot so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Take care!

Surgery: April 30, 2014: HW: 288 SW: 250 CW: 149, Achieved Goal (155 lbs): April 8, 2015

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