Torsoplasty - Foam padding under binder?

on 11/21/17 7:34 am

Hi! 8 days ago, I had a torsoplasty (with the belt and verticals incision and abdominal tightening) and a BL. I have my 2nd follow up appointment tomorrow. My surgeon has me wearing a binder with a foam pad under it, in both the front and back.

Just curious- for those of you who had something similar, how long did you have to wear the foam pads under the binder?


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Heather L.
on 11/21/17 11:36 am - North Vancouver, Canada
VSG on 03/26/15

I had foam under my binder in the front only. My surgeon said I could stop wearing it at my first follow-up which was three days post-op. I continued to use it for about a week, just because it felt better.

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