Tata talk...how big?, which shape? under the muscle?...oh my!

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VSG on 10/25/16

When i had my inner thighs and upper arms done last month my concerns and desires here limited by anatomy and the surgeons willingness. Mostly, I just didn't want staples or external stitches or needless drains. I did end up with drains in my thighs. The left one was in for three week, and since I had 100cc of drainage every 4 hours in my left leg for days, and over 150 cc a day for the next 10 days, they were certainly necessary.

I'm having my breast done, along with a lower body lift and fat transfer to my flat butt on 12/28 2(20days!) Originally,at 293 lbs and up until I was down to about 200 lbs I planned on just getting a lift. Then my previously firm "C" cups turned into a pair of tube socks with a handful of pennies in the toes...I am about 165lbs now and yikes!

I did some research and decided I wanted textured, tear drop shaped soft "gummy" implants, under the muscle and thought I'd be happy with a full C cup but the consult today has me questioning this. The surgeon discussed the possibility of the contoured implants shifting, but bottom line is he just prefers the round implants, so that's what ill get. The remaining issue is over vs under the muscle, which is up tome and the size of the implants for optimal results. He recommends I should go at least one size up.

I think I would be disappointed if my breast ended up too small but I don't want to be lugging around melons either. I also worry that with my lack of breast tissue an over the muscle implant will look weird or ripple when I lie down so, even though it's more painful, I'm leaning towards having it under the muscle.

Anyone have experience or thoughts on over vs under the muscle? Can anyone share how they decided on size?

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From what I have read - most surgeons prefer to go under the muscle nowadays, and going over isn't really recommended. With under the muscle, you get a more natural shape, less rippling, less risk of capsular contracture, and easier screening for breast cancer.

Mine were placed under the muscle and the pain wasn't bad at all, but then again I was also recovering from a tummy tuck so that really minimized anything my boobs were feeling.

As far as size, it's really hard to choose. My decision was made with my doctor based on how much of my breast tissue he thought he could use to give me a more natural look (which sadly didn't settle as well as I would have liked). I also had an asymetry, which was corrected by two different sized implants.

Ultimately, I do wish I went bigger, but I have always been a very busty lady and knew I wouldn't be uncomfortable rocking an E cup. With my revision coming up in January, I'm sizing up to 350/375 from my original 250/275s.

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I had a lift then a year later went in for augmentation. Insipra 525 cc round textured under the muscle. Less rippling when under. Depending on amount of breast tissue you wont feel the implants. I can feel the bottom of left as less breast tissue. I went up 2 sizes. Size also depends on your shape. I have a wider chest so I needed a bigger implant to fill up. Moderate profile. My surgeon did his measurements and gave me his recommendations

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I just trusted my surgeon to make the correct decision on size. I told him I didn't want to be Playboy but just wanted something that fit my body and frame. I always thought it would end up being a C cup. He said he took a couple of different sizes in and put them in and then sat me up. I'm very happy with what he decided to go with. They are actually a D but don't look crazy. He did do under the muscle. When people see me they have no idea that they are implants as they have a very natural look and feel. I've even had some ex's that argue with me that they are real vs implants.

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This is a reply from the other end of the size spectrum. I was 59 when I had the breast reconstruction and did not want to have another surgery in 15 years, as is required for implants. So I went with the 'reformed and as big as possible with fat transfer' - good bye saddlebags thighs. I went back the next year for some more fat transfer. I am happy with my perky-almost Cs.

When I looked into it 20 years ago (but did not go through with it then), the PS gave me implants to insert in a bra and wear at home so I see what different sizes would be like.

You might need another consult to be really comfortable.

I did need a second surgery because I had other issues, not just a regular breast - lift. Am happy with the result.

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VSG on 10/25/16

Thanks for the responses, I did read them before the surgery and they really help. I have bilateral fat graphs and my wrists in splints from 12/10 till 12/24 so didn't do much typing, or anything else for that matter.

I got my new tatas on 12/27. They are huge, but I am assured it's mostly swelling. Should be a large C cup so slightly larger that my pre weight loss breasts but not 45" around. I ended up getting round textured implants under the muscle, and just like someone said, with having the lower body at the same time I barely notice any breast pain. I think they are 230cc. Turns out I had plenty of breast tissue on the top pole. I LOVE my new nipples and belly button.