Lower body lift complications

on 12/27/17 6:38 pm

Hello. I' m 47 and Had lower body lift August 2 2017. Having continued complications. I have followed all my surgeons advise from the start with no lifting....etc. I am almost 5 months post surgery and continue to dehise at surgical site. They start off being mushy then drain then open up. No infection just clear drainage. My last two opening were about 2 weeks ago and I have another spot that may open up soon. I been doing all my followup and pretty much they have to heal from inside out which means wound packing. I have had at least 7 to 8 openings since the start. I also have this pain that goes all the way around incision. It feels like a belt is getting tightened and some days are worse than others. Has anyone had these issues this far out from surgery? It's almost 5 months post surgery. Any ideas? Remember I have followed all doctor advise and have not missed a beat...no lifting....take vitamins...high protein...etc. please help. Thank you.


Gwen M.
on 12/27/17 7:41 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

That sounds miserable. How many grams of protein are you getting? Have you had trouble healing from surgeries/wounds in the past?

I think, in your shoes, I'd go talk to my dermatologist and see if this was possibly a skin issue that they might have insight on.

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on 12/28/17 8:13 pm

Hi Gwen

My protein intake is anywhere from 100g to as much as 170g daily. I do have mixed connective tissue disorder but when I talked to my rheumatologist he said it was ok to have surgery.....regardless of my disorder.

on 6/28/18 6:51 pm

What kind of Mixed Connective Tissues do you have? I am scheduled to get a Lower Body Lift on July 28th and I am concerned about infection and blood clots. I have been diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease but basically the are calling it "Raynauds" where my hands and feet turn white and numb when I am cold.

Laura in Texas
on 12/28/17 5:41 am

I remember a few other people posting about ongoing problems. I believe they ended up going to wound care specialists. Have you gotten a second opinion?

I hope you find relief soon.

Laura in Texas

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on 12/28/17 8:10 pm

Hi Laura

I had another doctor look and he said could be from mixed connective tissue disorder I have. Wanted to get medial thigh lift but not sure if I want to continue now.

Laura in Texas
on 12/29/17 5:34 am

I'm sorry you are still having trouble. It sounds like it might be a smart move not to have your thighs done. Honestly, I decided not to get my thighs done and I do not have any medical issues. Too many people seem to have issues with thighs. I do hope you are completely healed soon!!

Laura in Texas

52 years old; 5'7" tall; HW: 339 (BMI=53); GW: 140 CW: 150 (BMI=24)

RNY: 09-17-08 Dr. Garth Davis

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Leslie W.
on 12/28/17 4:08 pm - Cobourg, Canada

I had issues with dissolvable sutures and spitting stitches for months. Would get an open spontaneously to find a suture under the skin.

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on 12/28/17 8:07 pm

Hi Leslie

Thank u for replying. I have only seen 2 sutures in the 7 to 8 areas that have opened up. I also have mixed connective tissue disorder. I'm so ready to be healed. :(

on 12/31/17 8:05 am
VSG on 10/25/16

I I had a giant hematoma on one leg about 3 weeks post op. A few days after my surgeon said I I didn't need compression all the time. Interestingly, I was talking about this with an uninvolved plastic surgeon yesterday. His simple explanation was that the attachments between muscles and tendons stretch when you gain large amounts weight but don't shrink when you loose the weight.

Its one one of the reasons that people who have lost a great deal of weight have complications like yours and mine.

For post weight loss patients he recommends compression garments 24/7 for a month then at least 1/2 of each day until your sutures are completely dissolved. Which can take several months I haven't done any research but it does make sense. This dr speclizes in post weight lose plastics he did mention that there is a great deal of money by to be made so plastic surgeons who would see these patients a few years ago are now actively seeking them out. I asked him about the surgeon who did my medial thigh lift... but doctors do have this way of avoiding conflict with their peers...but. He does love to talk shop and I'll see him New Years eve/tonight and I'll ask what he rwould do for long term complications.

I'm thinking that this has gone on for far to long and you should ask for a referral to a wound care specialist. If the plastic surgeon is reluctant ask your primary for one.

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