Status Post Medial Inner Thigh Lift...staph infection

on 1/4/18 10:07 am - San Antonio, TX

I have a staph infection that got a lot worse over one night. Staples were removed yesterday, sutures are still in because incision site reopened at infected areas. I think this was all my fault. I don't think I was debriding it well enough when I showered.

I started on oral and topical antibiotics with debridement and dressing changes twice a day. I was also prescribed a stronger pain med. Still did not sleep well last night, which makes three nights in a row of restlessness.

I' praying this resolves quickly.

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Gwen M.
on 1/4/18 10:54 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I'm so sorry, that sounds very unfun! One of the things I was told in my paperwork was that I need to clean with soapy water (or similar) after using the toilet to keep infection away from the incisions at the groin - were you given similar instructions?

How have you been debriding? That's something I wasn't told to do, so I'm curious!

Heal swiftly.

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on 1/4/18 12:57 pm - San Antonio, TX

I was told to use Dial gold bar soap in the shower. Use a wash cloth for incision site only and rub in a circular motion making sure to get off all scabbing or whatever appeared to have dried on top the site daily.

Gina      6.4cc in 10cc band           3cc at time of surgery; 1st fill 3cc; 2nd fill 0.4cc
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