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Mahonia R.
on 2/11/18 3:19 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

Would you start saving for a TT and maybe thigh lift if you were me or be happy as is? I know I'd love a breast lift someday.

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Gwen M.
on 2/11/18 4:13 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

The reason I had reconstructive surgery had nothing to do with how my skin looked, so I can't tell you what I'd do in your body just from looking at you. My reason was that my excess skin was preventing me from doing the things I wanted to do where exercise was concerned. No compression gear in the world would let me do jumping jacks, for example. The skin made exercise uncomfortable - it would bounce when I ran, the skin on my arms and legs increased fatigue, some yoga poses were challenging, etc. Since I lost weight so that my weight wouldn't keep me from doing what I wanted to do, it was annoying to me that I was STILL prevented from doing the things I wanted to do by my skin. So it had to go!

If I lived in your body, and your skin prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do, I'd pursue reconstructive surgery.

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Mahonia R.
on 2/11/18 4:34 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

Thank you, that's a great perspective. I mostly hate the sound that it makes slapping around when I walk and how it looks hanging while having sex. But it doesn't prevent me from sex or walking. Surgery would be years down the road anyway if it happens.

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Cecily C.
on 2/11/18 8:45 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

One thought? Start a "future happiness" savings account/fund. Down the road, if you find you really want surgery, use it for that. If instead you decide you are fine with your skin, take a fantastic family vacation or two with it.

PS - I am plannning on surgery. I'm not sure I would be so eager if my stomach and thighs looked as good as yours!

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Erin T.
on 2/12/18 4:09 am, edited 2/11/18 8:11 pm
VSG on 01/17/17

My personal opinion is that you are a candidate for a tummy tuck if it will boost your self-esteem and make you feel better. Personally, I would avoid the medial thigh lift as if my life depended on it because it seems to be the hardest surgery with the most (minor) complications and your legs really look great. BUT, I'm biased because my legs look/looked about like that before my LBL and I was totally fine with them. My LBL did lift them some in the front.

In my case, my stomach skin really impeded my working out. It made my workout clothes fit strangely and it made Yoga difficult. It was hot and sweaty and I would end up with rashes easily. The underwear you have on would never have worked for me because it would have been under my panniculus. I also had enough drooping skin around my butt that I opted for the LBL.

Edited to add: I had a lot of droop/issues with my mons area and that bothered me more than anything else. It rubbed in every pair of pants I wore and made me self-conscious during sex. So that was a big driver for me too and luckily everything seems to where it should be now.

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