What to eat with PCOS / Insulin Resistance

on 7/2/07 10:01 pm - Xenia, OH
I have been denied WLS. My husband's insurance has an exclusion - and will now allow a rider. SO - I am looking to changing my eating habits to lose the weight. I have read that carbs need to be avoided for people who are insulin resistant. Does this refer to breads & rice? Or does it also include fruits, yogurt, etc. I ask because I have been told that I must eat veggies and fruits every day (plus other rules) to prevent colon polyps from forming.  I guess I'm looking for anyone who has PCOS /  Insulin resistance and has lost weight by changing how/what they eat. Thanks!
on 7/3/07 9:37 am - Broken Arrow, OK
Pick up the book called "The Insulin Resistance Diet".  It's a great book and really helped me understand how our insulin works.  It also talked about PCOS.


on 7/3/07 10:05 am - Overland Park, KS
Hi- Well that stinks that your insurance won't cover WLS.  It is all based on your husband's place of employeement.  If there are enough employees that want that included in the insurance, perhaps his company can have it added for next year. I have PCOS and I went to a nutritionist to see what I should or shouldn't be eating.  Every one is different so I reccommend you go to a nutritionist. Here is what she basically told me: Fruits count as a carb :( Every time you eat a carb, eat a protein to go with it. She told me to limit my carb choices to about 120 grams of carbs per day.  There is a list of veggies that she gave me, and I  can eat as many as I want of those. She told me to start the day off right. Basically what I thought was a healthy breakfast, oatmeal, skim milk, fruit juice... not for me... too many carbs.  She said that could be a reason I was feeling hungry all day long and to try eating an egg with my oatmeal, or better yet an egg and some fruit.  And juice... forget about it!  No more fruit juice for me. I was amazed at how many carbs I was consuming.  Anyway... it's a life style change and it takes time.  Go to a nutritionist.  It was very helpful!  Your insurance should pay for that if they mark it as insulin resistant or PCOS.. at least mine did. She gave me a list of low, medium, high glycemic foods. Good luck! Rebecca
on 7/3/07 12:55 pm - Xenia, OH

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll see if going to a nutritionist is covered under my insurance, and I'll pick up a copy of the Insulin Resistant Diet.

Have you had wls? Or - are you using the Insulin Resistant diet without surgery? How's it working for you?

Jen D.
on 7/4/07 2:50 pm - Central, FL
Most doctors are recommending low carb diets to PCOS patients.  Low carb can mean anything from 20-60 grams per day for weight loss, depending on your metabolism.  High fiber fruits and veggies are fine on a low carb diet.  Berries are a good choice for fruits, especially strawberries.  Green veggies are fine, yellow squash, tomatoes, cauliflower.  You will need to stay away from root veggies, like potatoes, carrots, beets; corn and other grains, as well as rice and starches, like bread, pasta.  As a general rule, you shop the perimeter of the grocery store, and you'll be in good shape.  Veggies, low sugar fruits, nuts, fish, meats, dairy (high fat is lower in carbs that low or non-fat) will be your staples.  The best thing is that fats are fine, so your food tastes really good (i.e. you can used full-fat salad dressings if you want!  They are usually low in carbs)  It's a definite change in thinking, but it does work, and it's really healthy.   I lost 30 pounds on a low carb diet (Atkins) a few years ago.  My blood work improved remarkably, and my PCOS symptoms lessened a bit.  Problem was I had 70 more to lose, and couldn't stick with it.   My insurance won't cover WLS either.  My company excludes it.    But I'm going to go forward as a self-pay.  I feel like I've tried everything else at this point.  It's my last hope.    Best of luck to you!
on 7/4/07 11:53 pm - Xenia, OH
Thanks for the info.  Good luck on your WLS!
on 7/13/07 12:07 am - Xenia, OH
I got the book called the Insulin Resistance Diet. I've been following the concept of linking carbs with proteins and have lost 12 pounds. I hope the weight loss continues! I also had a sleep study done and got a CPAP machine. I read on the other Sleep Apnea forum that people lost weight using the CPAP - so hopefully the new diet plus the machine will help the weight come off faster.  (My goal - is to lose 2 pounds a week. I think this is reasonable.)
on 4/27/09 12:05 pm - Australia
I have pcos and i just want to know the name of the writer for Insulin Resistance Diet, so i can go and get it.  please.thank you
on 2/23/10 6:25 am - Orange County, CA