PCOS after Hysterectomy

on 10/21/10 10:11 am - Horn Lake, MS
 I had a hysterectomy (ovaries remaining) 12 years ago and was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis in 2006. Oh the joys of PCOS!!! I am waiting to have RNY and was told that the PCOS would "go away" after surgery. It was recommended that I have my ovaries removed after Gastric Bypass by the doctor that diagnosed me. Anyone have any ideas?
Leza F.
on 10/24/10 5:53 am - Wheat Ridge, CO
Hi there,

I'm not sure about your specific case, by my surgeon told me that although the RNY will significantly reduce the PCOS symptoms and possibly regulate the hormones, it may never go away completely. 

I would get a second opinion on the ovaries, though....
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on 10/24/10 7:32 am - Horn Lake, MS
 Thanks for the info. I think I am going to go ahead and have my ovaries removed, don't need them anymore anyway :)
on 10/26/10 2:57 pm - Manitouwadge, Canada
 I have just recently been diagnosed with PCOS, after having nothing but problems and pain with one ovary for the last 15 years.  I had a hysterectomy in 2005, the only reason for having it was to remove my right ovary due to all the pain i'd been having with it every month.  When the doctor came in to see me after surgery, he told me the ovary was nice and healthy so he didn't remove it, he only removed the uterus, which had no problems whatsoever.  I broke down into tears and blasted him, telling him if it was so healthy then he should deal with the type of pain i did monthly, I then checked myself out of the hospital, and drove myself home (8 hour drive I might add)  3 days later I ended up being flown out of my little town due to a huge blood clot that formed over my right ovary .... hmmmm....  the doctor screwed up there too, since I was on blood thinners, and he was supposed to give me a massive dose during surgery, and he didn't.... But I digress, I continued having the pain and swelling of the ovary for the next 2 years.  I stopped going to the doctor about it because I got sick of the doctors looking at me like it was all in my mind, or I was there to get pain meds only.

Two years later, (Feb of 2007) I went for my gastric bypass surgery.  Since then I've lost 174 lbs (10 more than my actual goal, but I'm very happy with where I am right now)  The pain from my ovary stopped about 3 months after surgery.  I did, however start having pain from a condition called Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES).  A little known of, and very painful condition.  I was eventually put onto a high dose of daily morphine (36mg / day) with Endocet pain pills to take when the pain broke through that.  (usually take 8 - 12 per day (350mg pills)

Just last week, I had a major bout of pain from my ovary area.  I'd forgotten what that pain was like until it came on me.  Turned out one of the cysts on the ovary had burst, hence the diagnosis of PCOS FINALLY!!!!  It's not all in my mind !!! lol

I'm not sure yet what they will be doing about the PCOS at this time, but from what I've learned of it, there isn't really a cure for it, just things you can do to lesson the symptoms.  One of the major things that I did was the weight loss.

If I could go back to 2005, when I had my hysterectomy, I think I would demand that the doctor take me back into surgery and remove that ovary, and if need be, take both of them.  Once the uterus was gone, they aren't needed anyway.  Hormones can be replaced easily enough with a pill.

Be smart and have them removed  :)
on 10/26/10 5:11 pm - Horn Lake, MS
 Thank you so much for your story. I have been experiencing the pain so long and dealing with doctors that look at me like all i want is pain meds, far from it, I just wanna stop hurting, I deal with fibromyalgia on a daily basis on top of the PCOS and all I wanna do is stop hurting, If someone can make the pain go away without meds, I am ALL for it. 

I am going to have the ovaries removed. I have a copy of my transvaginal ultrasound and I can see for myself how bad my ovaries are. They look like big chocolate chip cookies. Even I know that is not normal!!! 

Now my other concern is do I wait till after Gastric Bypass or before? I have been advised to wait till after but I dont want that to hinder my weight loss. Oh.....what to do, what to do! LOL

I have an appointment with my PCP Thursday, so we are going to discuss it a little more I think. Thanks again for sharing!!! And congrats on your success!  
on 2/28/18 1:57 pm

I, also, had a partial hysterectomy in 2007 leaving my ovaries. I never had a cyst and for pregnant both times immediately.

six months after partial I had a lemon sized cyst on my left ovary. Comes and goes. I have gained 60 pounds since then and it will not come off.

I finally went to a new internist who diagnosed me with PCOS. My sugar is a little high. She put me on Victoza and I lost 15 pounds in the first month. Now nothing. Went on weigh****chers and could not lose a pound. Do you have any diet ideas?

on 12/27/10 7:26 pm
Even if you do not have your ovaries, PCOS can be a lifetime condition because for almost half of us it is also known as metabolic syndrome. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/256806-overview


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