on 11/12/10 5:58 am
I havent taken metformin in probley 5 years because it made me seriously ILL! my weightloss has slowed way down and I havnet lost any weight in a month now. I have also been a slow loser because of my insulin resistance/pcos so I have been researching herbs and vitamins to regulate our insulin and pcos.
Has anyone tried this and what successes or failures have you had??

Thanks :)
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on 11/12/10 6:27 am - Ottawa, Canada
Only after  has WLS did I learn about inosital.  It will probably take as long to work as finastride or cyprotoron which is 3 to 6 months.



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Jessie K.
on 11/14/10 5:14 pm
A vitamin/supplement called chromium acts like glucophage in that it helps insulin resistant cells become more sensitive for insulin. Google!! :P I can't remember everything right now but it's supposed to be quite helpful. For me at least, my PCOS is directly tied in with my insulin resistance.  :/  Good luck!
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on 11/22/10 12:12 pm - SC
Metformin is horrible stuff.  I HATED taking it.  The extended release is supposed to be easier on your stomach.  I stopped taking mine because I am no longer TTC and am waiting on RNY.  I have had friends use Maca Root with great success.  2 of them conceived within 6 months of starting it.  It also helps regulate your periods.  I actually used it to help regulate my period after having my daughter.  Vitamin D is supposed to help as well.  My OB told me when I was pregnant that a lot of women with PCOS are Vitamin D deficient.  You can also try Chromium.  B Vitamins are essential as well.  You may want to increase B12 and B6 beyond just a multi-vitamin since you have PCOS.    Non-herbal methods would be stuff like Mucinex or Robutussin to thin your cervical mucuous.  That is supposed to be very helpful for women with PCOS.  
http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/64557/treating_pcos_with_vitamins_and_herbs_pg2.html?cat=5  This article says Magnesium is generally low in people with diabetes.  Maybe take a Magnesium supplement to see if that helps with your insulin resistance. 

Hope those help!
Paula M.
on 12/3/10 12:12 pm - Leesburg, FL
I have been on it for 3 weeks now. At first I had issues but its much better now. I think because she started me on once a day for a week and then 2 the following week and now 3 times a day. Did you try taking it for awhile? I too went off of it once, but I have noticed a huge difference in my hypoglycemia.
on 3/27/11 5:58 pm - DC

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Tina H.
on 4/9/11 12:44 pm - danville, KY
How expensive is acupuncture?
on 1/31/11 8:58 am - essex, Canada
 I actually got lactic acidosis from a combo of metformin and my bp meds..fun times

my fertility guy tried a bunch of stuff and i had horrible reactions or no reaction at all, so he kinda gave up and just monitored my cycles

so i went a Naturopath and a chinese doc and between the two with herbs and acupuncture, I began to ovulate and got pregnant.. I suffered 3 losses but also got my two kids:-)

for me, acupuncture has 'cured' just about every ailment- i swear by it!!!
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