NSV: Me + RNY + low carb diet appears to have beat PCOS

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Hi Gang,

As some of you know, I have/had PCOS.  This hormonal condition is frequently associated with obesity and occurs in 6% of reproductive women and is a leading cause of infertility.


For about 4 years, this condition has defined me, especially when my husband (who wants/wanted children of HIS own) proposed. I am not hyper-keen on kids but I would least like the option should I change my mind.


Well, I saw the endo yesterday, and there were two points: The first: my testerone level (free and total) is NORMAL, my estrogen is NORMAL, and my progesterone is NORMAL. While luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone were not measured, for the moment, my hormone levels indicate that "[I] beat PCOS."


Previously, I have wrote on boards and to others DONT have the surgery if your ONLY reason for surgery is to fix hormones, cure diabetes, or have babies.  It may not happen for you and the disappointment will be bitter.  I KNOW this from experience.  I still stand by this statement.  Fixing hormones/babies wasnt the ONLY reason for RNY but they were in the top 3. And sometimes, I cried a lot after endocrinology appointments because things weren't resolving. Literally, my body wasnt doing what it was supposed to do and I felt like a "misfit toy."  If I felt this way when kids are a low priority, how would I feel if they are a HIGH priority?

Indeed, it APPEARS it TOOK a YEAR AND A HALF for my hormones to straighten out.  So I stand by my original statement. However, if there are other reasons to have RNY and these reasons are ENOUGH to keep you motivated thru your journey, then I say "Do the surgery."  Even if you don't get the hormonal changes/baby you wanted, you will still have achieved your other goals.

Also, give it time. I have had to have VERY disiplined (sp) eating and exercise regimines for a year and a half for things to change hormonally.    Literally, my hormones went from bad to Ok within 6 months.  There did not appear to be a gradient where things were progressively getting better bit by bit.

This is my testimony and experience.  I hope that it gives a fair assessment of my experience (i.e. the reality that it MAY NEVER happen yet remaining diligent, giving it time, and having a delayed positive outcome).

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I came over to this board looking to see if anyone had posted how long it takes to get better. I am about 8.5 months and at first I thought things were getting back to my normal. I say my normal because I have never had a "normal" cycle.

I wasn't overweight when my PCOS started, apparently i'm special that way, although it is highly likely that my mom had PCOS and my aunt on my dad's side likely has it. Anyway, I had a period when I had my surgery, and then nothing for 3 months, then two months normal, and now its been two months again and nothing! I thought for that two month period I was getting back to normal but then nope. 

I still have all my other symptoms, when I actually have a period its so heavy and lasts at least two weeks, sometimes a month. Most of the time I know i'm not ovulating, but I have ovulated once. I only know this because when I do ovulate I have incredible pain. Before I knew what was happening I had to go to the ER (this was a few years ago), now I don't even bother because there is nothing they can do. None of my hair has changed. Stomach is still covered. Oh and lets not even get on the subject of acne. 

Getting this surgery wasn't so I could have kids. I wasn't able to get pregnant before being overweight, and since i've had partially successful IVF and several FET. I still don't know from one day to the next if I really want kids. I guess I just want the option. People tell me not to overthink it, but they all have kids. It's really easy to tell someone to be patient, or not over think something when you had no trouble. 

I keep my carbs low - I have to with the DS. I am exercising. Heck I even almost have a "normal" BMI. Anyway, thank you for letting people know it can be beat. Maybe there is still hope for me.

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This gives me a lot of hope :)

no kids aren't my only reason for having had this surgery but it's on the list. I'll love the day when I hear that I've beaten pcos :)


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