Does any WLS reduce facial hair???

on 4/26/15 9:22 am - Amory, MS

just wondering about those of you that have had WLS and had your facial hair reduce or disappear? I had a sleeve 5 years and my cycles are great and I have kids. My only problem is FACIAL HAIR!! It's really horrible on my chin and neck, it's been like this since I hit puberty and I'm now 40 and am really tired of it. I am going to have to be re-sleeved, and and considering other surgeries if there was any hope of it helping. 

Thank you!

on 5/8/15 5:33 am
RNY on 09/29/14

RNY didn't alleviate my facial hair. There are days I feel it looks worse than before.  I buy groupons and do laser hair removal to keep it under control.

on 6/11/15 7:07 am

Same experience as Julie..right down to the groupons.

RNY Surgery: 12/31/2013; 

Current weight (2/27/2015) 139lbs, ~14% body fat

Three pounds below Goal!!! Yay !  

on 7/29/15 3:24 am, edited 7/29/15 3:25 am

I think mine really got worse to be honest about it. I have to "take care" of my "beard" twice a day. Its a shame with todays technologies and medicine that they cannot do more about this problem.


on 10/12/15 4:24 pm

Hi, I know I'm a little late on this post, but I too have pcos and have facial hair really bad buy my gyno wrote me a script for a cream that slows/stops the hair growth for me. Hope this helps.

on 10/27/15 6:31 pm

What is the name of the medication you got prescribed?

on 2/25/18 6:06 am - Memphis, TN

This is my first hour on this website. Thank you so much for posting this information about my chinny, *****hin. I have been going crazy trying to keep my chin hair trimmed by plucking with tweezers. I had no idea that PCOS was related to this issue. I get ingrown hairs on my chin buried beneath patches of psoriasis.