Which surgery has best results for PCOS patient who has also had a hysterectomy

on 6/11/15 6:49 am

Hello!  I am new to the group and wondered if anyone has had the surgery and also had PCOS.  I wondered which surgery your surgeon recommended.  I have also had a hysterectomy.  I want to have great success with this so I am having a hard time choosing the type of surgery.  I have it down to the sleeve of the RNY but still can't choose.  I have a meeting today so maybe that will help but I thought I would get peoples opinions and hopefully some success stories. 

Thanks in advance for the responses. 

on 6/21/15 9:09 pm

I originally wanted the sleeve but my drs told me it wont help that much with pcos symptoms.. The bypass will eliminate all pcos symptoms for atleast 2 yrs and possibly longer depending upon how much weight you lose!

on 6/29/15 5:21 am

The DS is the best. I have PCOS, and my body act as though it never had PCOS.  Five year out, and no more weight loss..

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

on 8/5/15 7:39 pm

I too have had a hysterectomy and PCOS.I have the lap band seeking a revision.I am going with a sleeve.