NEW-scared and needing support!

on 7/3/15 12:27 pm


I literally just got my doctor to send a referral to my local WLS center. I am NEW at all of this, however I have been thinking about this decision for at least 2 yrs. I'm tentative because I know I will miss certain things, but overall I also know i NEED to get better at being healthy. I have PCOS and almost every symptom that it causes, I've had it since I was 11. I have been trying for as many years as I can remember to lose weight and in the end my only success was gaining. With fertility treatment (clomid) I am blessed to have a 7yr old boy :) we have never been able to conceive again, but that's ok...Both of my parents have heart diesase, diabetes (type 2) sleep apnea etc, and my predisposal with pcos scares the heck outta me (my doc said I will be lucky to live til 50 if I don't lose weight) Anyways here are my questions;

1. Is WLS worth all the things you miss? do you let go of that?

2. What in your opinion is best WLS for pcos?

3. What should I expect as far as healing goes?

4. How has this effected your marriage (my hubby and i both struggle with weight, he's not interested in wls ) ? 

5. Any ideas for other websites or inspiration blogs etc?

I know its alot- i'm overwhelmed can you tell? TIA!

on 7/3/15 6:14 pm
VSG on 05/11/15

I will start with question #1--- (I sound blunt... don't take it personal, that's just me)

All the things I miss? Like what? Waking up in the middle of the night incontinent? Waking up in the morning and needing nearly 15 minutes to get out of bed because of the pain in my feet and knees? Not being able to bend over in the shower to shave my legs? Or being barely able to walk a quarter of a mile without having to sit down?

I let all that go long ago when I came to the realization that I wasn't living... I was slowly killing myself from an addiction to food. What I was eating was poison. A slow poison, but a poison nonetheless.

2. I honestly can't answer this question. I chose the Sleeve for a myriad of reasons and most of them not having to do with PCOS. Am I glad I chose the Sleeve? Absolutely!

3. That question one is individual... I had the Larp Sleeve and healed quickly and with little pain. My good friend had the same surgery 3 weeks later and was in some serious pain for about 3 weeks.

4. N/A---Not married. 

5. There are some really good blog writers here... and I'd just google to see what's out there in the great WWW. Look up things like Bariatric Recipes on Pinterest and on Google...even Bariatric Blogs and see what comes up. 

The hardest part of this is having to really look in the mirror and take responsibility in my part of my weight. I've always been overweight. I was a fat kid, a fat teenager, and a fat adult. It was only last year that I was diagnosed with PCOS and only because I found all the symptoms in a book (Jillian Michaels' book on clean eating and hormones). I'd never been married nor had children so I was never diagnosed properly. It still doesn't change the fact that my love for a Venti Raspberry Java Chip Frappacino or a Loaded Breakfast Burrito from Carl's Jr was a daily thing and not a treat every once in a while.

No... when I had that long....lllllong talk with myself, I had no qualms of changing to a healthier lifestyle. I'd rather be living the life I deserve than slowly dying with a burrito in my hand.


Highest Weight: 340 (7/2/14)  Initial Consult: 327.8 (2/24/15) Home Weigh In on Surgery Date: 291.8 (5/11/15) Today's Weight: 187.4 (5/20/16) Total So Far: 152.6 Pounds!!!!!!

"There's only us. There's only this... forget regret. Or life is yours to miss. No other road. No other way. No day but today."





on 7/4/15 5:11 am

You are so right! Thank you for first thought (which def shows my issues with food) is what I can't have anymore. And to hear it the way you say it, def puts it into perfect perspective for me. I am reaching out to all my local FB pages and forums...I have lots of learning to do...I so appreciate your comment!!

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VSG on 02/12/16
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VSG on 02/12/16

I know this post is older, but I'm a newbie and I love what you said.    "No... when I had that long....lllllong talk with myself, I had no qualms of changing to a healthier lifestyle. I'd rather be living the life I deserve than slowly dying with a burrito in my hand."

Great inspirational quote for me today.


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VSG on 05/11/15

Welcome to the group, Kristy!


I reread my post and thought, "Damn... I'm deep!" 


Just to give you a heads up... I am 6 days away from my 9 month Post Op date (May 11) and my year anniversary from my initial consult (Feb. 14, 2015).


Highest weight was 340... I weighed in at my Initial Consult at 327.8.... Surgery weight--296. This morning--208.2.  


It's been a short, but eye opening road... You HAVE to deal with the mind issues. HAVE. TO. or you will end up putting the weight back on.  And you don't just deal with it once... it's an issue that will crop up every few months. I think that the habit of yo-yo dieting comes into play and you learn to break it. But... you can stumble and keep on walkin' rather than falling flat on your face.  


Could I ever have imagined this a year ago???  Yes and no... Yes, I knew it was possible, but no, I couldn't fathom it actually happening to me.  This kind of freedom can be so overwhelming some times... but it makes me so grateful. 


If you have any questions or any concerns... please pop me a message! I'll be happy to answer.

Highest Weight: 340 (7/2/14)  Initial Consult: 327.8 (2/24/15) Home Weigh In on Surgery Date: 291.8 (5/11/15) Today's Weight: 187.4 (5/20/16) Total So Far: 152.6 Pounds!!!!!!

"There's only us. There's only this... forget regret. Or life is yours to miss. No other road. No other way. No day but today."





on 2/5/16 8:36 pm
VSG on 02/12/16

Congratulations, your weight loss is awesome.  You are deep sistah! I appreciate the reminder that I may stumble, which doesn't equate to failure, if you get back up.

on 7/7/15 3:54 am

1.   Is WLS worth all the things you miss? do you let go of that?

By the way interesting question, I guess because it depends on what type of weight loss surgery you get.  In 2010 I had the DS surgery.  Excellent decision FOR ME.  It was worth it because I look beautiful, and feel good about my decision.  Now whenever in MY OPINOIN, you mess with the lords work,  your body, its never the same.  For the pass 4 years I have been constantly trying to adjust, trying to figure out my body, however, for others who had the surgery, easy as a pie.  You just have to know with this surgery it is EXTREMELY important to take your vitamins and supplements that are recommended on a daily basis.  Vitamin D 50mg, and calcium is extremely importing and your ADEK's.    I have PCOS, I did not realize and remember I had PCOS until the 5th year because the Malabsorption has slowed down. Plus crazy me what triggered it I decided to take Birth Control pills to get rid of my acne.  Crazy me, which is really a side affect from the PCOS that never went away with the surgery.  Luckily I have found another alternative,  which for the past month has been working out beautifully.

With DS, I can eat basically anything and everything I want, something's there are side affects of gas, and bathroom visits but hey I'm single.   Plus you no longer really have those concerns the later you are out.  DS was perfect for me, however on my 5th year I learned that I need to eat right and be cautious of my carbs and drink a lot of protein.  .

2. What in your opinion is best WLS for pcos? 

You definitely get the over 100 pounds off you.  If you are over 400 you will definitely be in a better situation, but I would not promise weighing 120, but hey, you discipline enough...anything is doable.   I weighed 182 and lost over 100 and wear a size 10. I right now I'm trying to ensure that I stay in that range....and to keep it real, get 10 off me.  However I look great.   After the 4 year it seem like I been itching up slowly, therefore I can not eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting because I was relying on the malabsorption to kick in. Or a whole medium pizza, or 6 slices of that medium pizza any more.  I have to be more discipline.

3. What should I expect as far as healing goes?

I had an experience great doctor, and my healing was a breeze.  Back at my desk job in a week.

4. How has this effected your marriage (my hubby and i both struggle with weight, he's not interested in wls ) ? 

I have met couples that both had the surgery, it can cause tension, but it would be good if you both did it together.  I would be scared of that bathroom....It would run anyone away, but with compassion and cleanliness..they should understand.  FYI - GET your own bathroom if you can.  They have toilet seats to keep the smell down.  This strong malabsorption does not last for ever....I only really go to the bathroom in the morning now, but I'm a genius in keeping it fresh.

5. No, just keep reading, but if you going to do...make sure it stick.

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

on 7/7/15 11:34 am

Thank you so much! I have yet to decide which surgery to have, it's good to hear everyone's diff experiences. I guess in general its a forever lifestyle change which I'm ready for. I will look more into DS, As far as bathroom visits my hubby and I have seen the worst of each other he will get over it haha. We have talked about him doing the WLS as well and he has no desire ( and I say if you're happy with yourself then I'm happy) he has however promised to commit to a lifestyle change along with me. It would be nice to be back to work in a week ( I rly can't afford time off!) thanks aain for replying . Each day I'm learning more and more!

on 10/25/15 10:10 pm

1) Miss? Eating fast and as much as I thought I wanted,... Drinking fluids and eating at the same time..Not being able to find clothing and being short of breath. Having my legs always rub and wearing out my pants... My shoulders hurting from my huge boobs. Yes I got to give up all that, and you must decide you will let go of all the bad habits and follow the instructions you are given by YOUR surgeon.

Now what did I gain...The ability to be able to bend over and tie my shoes. To play in the yard with my child...(she's grown now) ...Physical stamina...self confidence...ability to take care of myself and others as life dictated . I do have complications from my surgery, but without it, I believe I would be at best permanently disabled in a wheelchair, and at worst dead. My weight was spiraling up 20 lbs aevery 6 months...metabolism study proved greatly reduced rate. Blood sugars on the bottom..average of 40-60 over 24 hours

2) You will need a surgery to give you a tight control,... The surgery I had is not done at this time, It was decades ago.They have split the procedure I had done into at least two surgeries and have ommitted part of my procedure..

..You need to look at your health issues, your anticipated issues and Do the research on what is required to deal with...with each type of surgery you consider. Make a graph. Put it out... in a chart and make your own decision..put down pro's and cons of each considered procedure.

.There WILL be people here to support you in WHAT EVER that decision is. Make your decision yourself. Don't allow anyone to push you into any one surgery...not even a surgeon. This is your body, Your surgery and YOUR responsibility to take care of this precious TOOL you will have to gain control over this problem. Surgery is not the end all...It is the beginning of part, of this journey.

The pcos should reduce in symptoms as you loose 90-120 lbs,.. if you do not want to become pregnant and are exposed use Birth control for prevention. The PCOS will not go away until menopause.. I am there and the hair growth is finally reduced by 3/4.. I have a few hair I pluck, that cause sores if I don't.

3) Healing depends on the surgery/ surgeon and your body'sresponse. Try to get yourself as medically stable as possible with vitamins/Iron/calcium/magnesium. Get your zinc levels checked. your protein levels must be up for proper healing.

Be sure to get all info from your surgery team in writing...all pre and post op instructions...for short term, and intermediate and long term. Be sure they include explicit instructions for vitamins and supplements...with a follow up plan and diet /nutritional counseling.

....So you can be certain that they are clear and you can refer to them for years in the future. It will also take away the question, do I remember that right? Now how much calcium did my Dr say I needed...WLS changes these from the norms , for the rest of your life... make at least 3 or four copies,of these papers, before they are wore out.

Surgery is a permanent TOOL to help YOU gain control over a permanent problem.

MOST Doctors will not understand your surgery nor will they recognise it. Get a graph showing the exact procedure.. it should include any description of your intestines, if they are changed for pouching and etc. and a surgical account of the surgery you have done...You need to keep a copy of all these in a fire -proof secure file at home and your primary MD will need a copy. If you have complication these things can save you much pain.

4) My marriage was not affected by my surgery, it ended for another reason. My husband was supportive for me having surgery.

RE: your husband..He does not have to be on board to have surgery,himself... but having his support for your decision/or someone's support will be vital to your aftercare. It helps for someone to be able to remember the instructions...teachings...routines explained... sometimes two persons will remember different parts of an interview or appointment.

5) i don't do blogs... or any other site re: wt don't know.