did alot of your PCOS symptoms go away once you lost weight?

on 2/15/16 2:28 pm

like facial/random hair


etc etc?

on 3/3/16 5:56 pm
VSG on 12/23/15

Only a few months out. Only improvement in acne. Facial hair is still a problem. My menses are more regular. Will let you know if the hair situation improves with more weight loss. 

on 4/9/16 2:27 pm
VSG on 05/19/15

My facial hair hasn't gotten any better, I'm still using the tweezers on my chin. However, the acne on my buttocks have cleared.


My cycle is pretty regular, I went a good 4 months at a 28-day cycle then it went to a 42-day cycle with a lot of spotting in between. Not sure what that was all about.

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on 4/25/16 1:20 am

Hi!! I had the Lap Band put in on Halloween of 2008 with Dr. Braverman in Newport Beach, CA. 


I was a PCOS-er. Hair, the borderline diabetes, crazy yo-yo weight gain, acne, you name it.


It all went away as I lost the weight. I see all these anti-band posts here, but I've had great success with the Band.  

I don't take any meds for any PCOS-related issues. I get my blood tested every so often and everything is in the normal range, does not even show signs of PCOS.


I wish you all the best of luck! 


on 3/16/17 9:06 am

I remember my facial hair lessened (well, really all my hair on my head was falling out) and my acne was still bad. However, I recommend highly that you do not go off of your birth control pills unless you are trying to get pregnant. I've had heavy, erratic periods my whole life and wanted to see if my body was able to self regulate after 114 lb weight loss. Well, I immediately gained 20 lbs off the pills for a few months and was never able to lose it. I eventually gained all my weight back (yup, all 114 lbs) and I"m having a revision surgery next month.

Moral of the story- Stay on the pill.


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on 4/17/17 12:53 pm

How did your surgery go? Or has it happened yet?

on 8/29/17 12:12 am

Yes, but I do not get back on birth control pills. It will thru your whole body out of Whack.

I more had issues with my cycle. Acne, I'm controlling that with a good probiotic.

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