I need help! Please!

on 3/9/16 11:27 pm


I'm Nickie, and new to this site. I got gastric bypass in 2001-02 after I went off the pill for the first time since 14 yrs old and went on them for my horrific periods, and gained over a 100 lbs in less than a year. When they figured out I had PCOS (and that the depo shot doesn't work like BCP) my doctor suggested bypass. After my surgery I lost weight scary fast, and my doc gave me some tips on how to slow it down. I settled at 160 lbs, size 12, and was extremely happy with it. I maintained that weight for about 8.5 yrs, and suddenly I started losing weight. I wasn't trying, my diet and exercise was the same. No one I saw could tell me why. 

After I got done to 115, in an 8 month period, my doctor got worried since it showed no signs of stopping. She came up with a way to stop the loss, and how I could slightly gain to get back to a healthier weight. But before we could start, she left to have emergency surgery, and left the notes for the doctor taking over my care. 

To make an already long story short, she screwed up completely and when my doctor returned almost a year later I was actually pretty much where I was when I had the surgery 10 yrs earlier. She was in shock when she saw me, found the mistake and took me off the meds. It stopped the gain, but I can't lose either. But nothing is working out this time. I'm on the highest dose of metformin allowed, as they decided that once again I couldn't lose because of the PCOS. I went to the weight loss clinic at the UW, and they did an X-ray with barium and found (to their complete shock) that in the 12 yrs since my surgery, my pouch hasn't changed. They said that after 12 yrs, my pouch should be stretched out to a somewhat normal size. But mine is barely more than the tablespoon it was. 

So I can't lose the weight the traditional way, they can't go in and "tighten me up", my diet isn't fantastic but healthy enough and under 1000 cals a day, and my exercise is the same if not better. So does anyone have any ideas, tips, advice, a hitman they can send after my "doctor" or is willing to lock me in their basement (only if you have a/c, summer is coming****il I lose this weight? The first time I gained, I felt like crap, but this time around having been smaller and *healthier* I can actually FEEL my body screaming from the extra weight. And since I have other health issues that are badly affected by the weight gain. I need some help please! 

Thank you for reading this book and for any replies, 


on 4/26/16 10:43 pm

Have you considered going in for another surgery like the Sleeve? 

on 6/23/16 11:12 am

I think you need to start logging your food it you haven't been already- and maybe aim for 700-800 claories instead of over 1000 a day. How many carbs and sugar are you eating a day?

maybe try some other boards like RNY

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Girl I am so sorry, it is kind too late to ask, when you saw yourself gain pass your desired weight, why did you not stop. DO you think its the metformin that is causing you to gain weight. I am not sure what was the trigger. If so, get off that stuff. I actually gained weight on that stuff and I was diagnosed with PCOS. Darn, I am so sorry this has happened too you. You have worked so hard to get the weight off.

Your body is probably feeling it because you are much older. All I can say is stay the Heck away from Birth control pills, once I went back it thru my whole body equilibrium out of whack. Now I have these bad menstrual pain.

Are you moody, and depressed, are you on the pill?

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