Intermittent Fasting and PCOS - anyone have success?

on 4/24/17 11:36 am - Canada

As the thread title would suggest, I have PCOS (and stage III endometriosis) and am considering attempting an Intermittent Fasting form of eating... Not so much a diet, but rather building new habits on WHEN I eat. I'm just starting to read about it and I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has given it a go.

I searched this forum (PCOS) specifically but don't see any posts about it yet.

Thanks! :)

on 5/29/17 5:47 pm


I'm a long time PCOS sufferer and also have had two WLS (VSG and recently a DS). I was on a paleo diet for a long time tried intermittent fasting when I started regaining all my weight 6 years out from my VSG surgery. I think it made my PCOS symptoms worse and when I did eat, I ate EVERYTHING IN SITE.

As far as research goes, there's little out there about women and intermittent fasting, let alone women with PCOS. What is out there is research showing that men and women respond differently to IF. Attached is a website I've followed off and on about primal eating.

Good luck.