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Husband / Wife both having surgery

on 1/3/11 1:14 am - Westminster, MD
RNY on 04/05/11 with
I just wanted to know a good time frame for me to be post op before my husband has his surgery.  I  don't want my husband to have his if I still will need more recovery time.   We have one six year old daughter. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated
on 1/15/11 7:33 pm
RNY on 01/19/11 with
My doctor recommended 6-12 weeks, but we are in our 50's.  Also, we don't have a child to care for.  Check with your doctor.
on 2/7/11 2:43 pm
My husband was five weeks out when I had mine, worked well but we are also in our fifties and empty nesters.

Basically you need to be off any lifting restrictions before he goes in.


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