on 4/9/08 2:03 pm - Cleveland, OH
I was only pregnant 10wks but I am totally of my eating plan, how do I start back eating right to lose weight again? I feel like a complete failure.
on 4/9/08 2:11 pm - Portage, IN
You are fine!!!  You can do it!!  I would readd the 1% milk or skim as your main source of drinks.  It healped me to lose and maintain.  I always get my protein in with milk alone.  At first, I had to choke it down.  Now I am an addict.   Also I remember then telling me whenever I want to start loosing again to focus on chewing!  Make yourself take the full 30 minutes to eat.  I know it seems like a lifetime but, you can do it!! Best wishes and much love.  I will add you to my prayers! Sandy
Andrea U.
on 4/9/08 11:26 pm - Wilson, NC
Well.. You could try the 5-day pouch test ( which helped me get back in control. You can also join our Accountability club for encouragement.  We post our eating and activities and keep each other in check. So you could try those two :-) Good luck.. it's not easy, but you can do it.
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