Loosing weight and ALWAYS hungry???

on 6/1/09 11:12 am - WI
So I'm 8 weeks, recently had a miscarriage, I'm a year and 3 months post op and I am starving 24/7!!!  I'm also loosing weight... is this normal?

W/ my first pregnancy, I lost a total of 30 lbs through the pregnancy due to complications, but so far this pregnancy is healthy and I'm physically not able to throw up post op, so I'm not sure WHY I'm loosing the weight. 

I have a new OB (we recently moved to a new state) and he said we'd monitor it but I'm not sure how much he knows about pregnancy and gb so I'm a little worried...

Like I said, I am constantly hungry so I eat smaller meals throughout the day.  I also CRAVE milk.  I can't get enough milk. 

Any suggestions or I guess just support that loosing weight is ok right now... ???

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on 6/1/09 11:25 am - Winder, GA
Congrats and welcome!! I was hungry all the time for a while too and had major munchies!!
Tons of women on here lost weight in the beginning and only ended up gaining very  fewpounds  the whole time! My docs are not real familiar with WLS patients either and as long as your labs and stuff are done and all is okay you should be okay I have been doing fine the whole time, I am not under my surgeons care either as we moved away. Every person and pregnancy are different though but as long as you stay on tops your labs and what is going on and he/she is a good OB you really should be fine!

Losing weight is okay! And Cravings will come and go!
Best of luck!!

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on 6/1/09 12:25 pm - Elk Grove, CA
Hi there! Congrats on your pregnancy! I too was sure I was starving all of the time, both at the beginning, and at the end of my pregnancy, although, there towards the second half of my pregnancy, I was out of room in my stomach so I really didn't eat as much as it seemed like I did. I was just eating much more frequently. There are many women on this board who have lost weight throughout their entire pregnancy, and have been perfectly fine. As long as you are getting all of your vitamins/minerals, I wouldn't worry about it. I craved chocolate milk...I know, major no-no, but I had at least one glass everyday. I say do what you want as long as you remember not to over do it. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, so drink up!
Good luck! 
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