Period after c-section & tubal ligation

on 1/4/10 4:55 pm - Sumner, WA
I need some help.  I'm having my first period after the c-section and tubal ligation.  I am bleeding way more now than with the surgery!  When I stand, I gush.  When I sit, I gush.  When I sit on the toilet, it just pours out of me.  I'm soaking an overnight pad a few times a day.  I have no cramps or clotting like I used to before getting pregnant.  I'm on day 6 and I'm in tears because of the constant disgusting feeling.  

So, my question is...what was your first period like after delivery?  I'm about to call my OB if it doesn't let up in a day or so.  Not sure what he can do but I'm starting to worry.  Is this totally abnormal?  I thought it was kind of soon to get my period back since I stopped bleeding at 4.5 weeks and then getting it at 7/8 weeks.  

Any advice?

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Shari M.
on 1/4/10 5:06 pm - Wildomar, CA
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I am sorry you are going through this. I also had a tubal and c section. I had bleeding for about 5 weeks and not period yet...probably because of the breastfeeding. My best friend had horrendous bleeding periods after her tubal. She didn't say anything about it for years and it made her anemic from all the bleeding. They ended up giving her an iud to regulate her periods and she is much much better. Sucks to think we might need birth control after a tubal. I will be taking the pill anyway, after breast feeding, because of my pcos. Anyway, I think it warrants a talk to the ob to make sure all is okay. Then if it continues like this for a few months get on it before it becomes an anemia issue. Good luck. Hopefully the bleeding is just a one time cleansing bleed. Maybe you will get better insight from others. Shari
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on 1/5/10 4:25 pm - Sumner, WA
Thanks Shari.  I got a call back from my OB's office today.  They didn't seem too concerned since it's my first one after the delivery.  They said they can be really whacky the first few periods.  But if it lasts another week like this, I'm supposed to call back and they will start me on BCPs to control the bleeding.  I got my tubes tied so I wouldn't ever have to take those pills again!  LOL!

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on 1/4/10 9:09 pm - Traverse City, MI
I didn't have a c-section or tubal, but my first period (that came around 7 weeks after the twins) was like death.  

Horrid bleeding that lasted for about a week.   I did however have terrible cramping with it though.  

I have always had terrible periods before and after gastric bypass.   My first period after birth was like my worst period multiplied by 1000.   

Hope you get some relief soon.  
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on 1/5/10 4:27 pm - Sumner, WA
Yeah, that seems to be what I'm going thru.  The OB's office didn't seem concerned today but if it lasts like this another week they said they'd put me on BCPs.  I got the tubes tied so I wouldn't have to do that!  Ugh.

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on 1/4/10 9:44 pm - Bellevue, NE
I also had a tubal after a c-section and tubal.  I also felt like I was bleeding to death!  I bled so much I left butt cheek imprints on my sheets (sorry for the visual!)  I also gushed every time I stood up, turned in bed, sat down, etc....  I thought it was because I didn't get it for almost 3 months after.  I do know that the next one after that was back to normal.  If it doesn't let up, I would definately call the ob. 

I know it it suck....hopefully it lets up soon!  I know for me, it was only the 1st one after the c-section that  was bad-after that it was back to normal.  Hopefully that will be the case for you.

on 1/5/10 4:29 pm - Sumner, WA
Thanks Debbie, that seems to be exactly what I'm going thru.  I rested my hand on my undies when I hopped in bed last night and my hand was all bloody.  I SO hate this!  I'm shocked I haven't gotten the sheets yet.  I usually do with HALF the bleeding I'm having now.  This is NOT a "happy period".  LOL!

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*Malena* M.
on 1/4/10 10:32 pm - Phoenix, AZ
RNY on 08/08/05 with
I had a c-section, but not a tubal, and my first period came at 6 months post -baby.  That period was completely normal, light towards the end, etc.  However, the period after that I about died!  I ended up bleeding through at work, that wasn't pretty, and I hurt so bad.  I think I have had a period like that one other time, and that was in middle school.  My periods since have been pretty normal but the cramping is unlike I have ever had.  I haven't had cramps in years.  I think I would call the doc and just let them know how bad it is.  They would be the best to tell you if you shoudl be seen or not.  Make sure you are taking your vitamins, too.

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Lilypie - (mr7x) 
Lilypie - (FJkW) 
on 1/5/10 4:31 pm - Sumner, WA
Thanks Malena.  The funny thing is that I'm not feeling ANY cramps.  I usually cramp so bad that I am in tears.  Nope, not this time.  No clots either and I'm a big time clot gal.  I got a call back from my OB's office and they didn't seem to concerned unless it goes on like this for another week.  If so, they want to put me on BCPs.  I got the tubal so I wouldn't ever have to take the pill again!  Ugh!

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emily B.
on 1/4/10 11:11 pm - MO
I would really call your doctor today. You do not want to be stuck over a weekend and end up in the ER.  My first period after my c-section was not bad all. I did not have a tubal though. 

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