What were your lifting restrictions after a c-section???

on 1/15/10 9:17 am - Jacksboro, TN
Revision on 02/28/12
My OB doesn't want me lifting Hannah for 6 weeks after my c-section.   This just seems crazy to me.   Hannah weighs 29 pounds and I know I don't need to lift her immediately.   I figured around two weeks.   I had asked the PA and she said 3 weeks.  

I just don't see how's its possible for me not to pick Hannah up for 6 weeks.  

Last time I remember not being able to pick up more than 10 pounds for two weeks, but I don't remember past that.    I'm sure I was picking up my almost 4 year old nephew before 6 sixs were up.  

I hate not to follow Dr.s orders, but I don't see anyway that I can obey them.  

What were your lifting restrictions after a c-section?

on 1/15/10 9:39 am - brooklyn, NY
my dr didnt say any restrictions for me i did everything on my own since day 1,including lifting my 30+lbs daughter
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emily B.
on 1/15/10 9:51 am - MO
What your doctor said sounds about right. I could not even lift my new baby for 2 weeks because he was so big. I had a 4 year old and a 2 year old at home. If they wanted in my lap I would sit and let then climb up. It really was not to hard not to lift them. I would rather follow orders than have to go back in and have another surgery.

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on 1/15/10 11:02 am - NJ
My OB said nothing heavier than your (new) baby for 6 weeks following a C. I should've listened this time around because I now have a hernia and I'm blaming the fact that I was lifting my 2 yr old in and out of his crib. He's heavier than Hannah however (around 35 lbs when I gave birth to the baby)


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Andrea U.
on 1/15/10 12:26 pm - Wilson, NC
Not the same, but when I had my adhesions out last April, they told me to not pick up Kaitlin for 4 weeks.

And that was lap.

I looked at them and laughed.  Really, I did.  You've met me.  You know I'd laugh at a doctor and nurse.  The doc couldn't understand the laughter.  The nurse did.  I told them I'd give them 7 days.  We negotiated it to 12 I think.  I'm not sure I actually made it that far.  Maybe 9.

It's gonna suck.  But you've gotta try.

Maybe lots of floor cuddle time?

Time for daddy to really learn what mama does!

on 1/15/10 8:22 pm
Nothing more than 10 lbs for 6 weeks. No problems first time around. Like Janine, I lifted my 3yo (25lbs+) after my 2nd csection and had a massive hernia that was finally repaired this year (which, coincidentally had a 6 week lifting restriction and Everett was 18 lbs, but Dr said he was the only exception!). 3rd csection and I followed guidelines with no problems.

I second Andrea's suggestions - floor time, crawl into your lap, Daddy time and creative standing hugs.

Good luck!

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on 1/15/10 9:38 pm - Jacksboro, TN
Revision on 02/28/12
Thanks girls!  I don't want to end up with a hernia or another surgery.    I guess I'll be asking for a lot of help of the evenings.   Hannah will be going to the babysitters during the day.  I'm off on Friday's so I always have Hannah that day, but I'm sure the babysitter won't mind keeping her for me.   My biggest problem will be of the evenings.   My husband's parents are both in bad health.  He's an only child, so it's up to us to take care of them.    For the past week Hannah and I have only saw him maybe 30 minutes total.    I had it planned out that I could get someone to help me for a couple of weeks, but six weeks has just messed my plan all up!   I do have parents that live close and will help.  I guess the big problem is me.   I hate depending on other people.  I guess I'll have to get over that!

on 1/15/10 10:28 pm - Bellevue, NE
My dr. never specifically told me restrictions, but I my 2 year old was 30 pounds so I didn't lift her for the 6 weeks.  I did everything with the baby, but I made sure I didn't lift the 2 year old!  I know it is hard, but you don't want a hernia, or to do damage! 

on 1/15/10 10:38 pm - Huntsville, AL
 Well I was told not to lift anything heavier than my 5 pound newborn for 6 weeks...I have done good for 3 weeks...it is so hard to depend on other people! But I am trying...

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