How fertile are we after surgery??

on 12/20/10 1:54 am - Killeen, TX
 I had a appt with my PCP and we were discussing how I am waiting until April to get preg. She asked me if having surgery made me just as fertile as the next woman or MORE fertile than the next woman. I didnt have an answer for her, but I thought that was a great question!

After WLS are we considered more fertile than non-WLS women? Or are we just as fertile as them now? I hope I am wording my question right. I know what I am trying to say, I just hope you all do too! LOL!! 

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on 12/20/10 2:25 am - San Jose, CA
I think we're more fertile after WLS and we've dropped a good amount of weight than an obese woman.  But I'm not sure if we're more fertile than a healthy non-WLS'er.  With me, I know that I became extremely regular with my cycles after dropping the 1st 50 lbs.  I had NEVER been regular at all since I started getting fat when I was 8 years old.  So I know for me I'm soooooooooo much more fertile than I ever was.  My OB said pre-op that once I drop the weight that I would be fertile myrtle.   And based on results... I am!  We got our BFP after our 1st cycle TTC.

Bottom line, it's really hard to compare someone's fertility to another.  There are so many factors involved in figuring out someone's level of fertility.  Remember, timing has a MAJOR part in TTC.
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on 12/20/10 2:36 am, edited 12/20/10 2:36 am - Makawao, HI
I can't answer you from a "medical" prospective, but I can from personal experience. 

I had surgery the same month as you and had a hard time finding birth control that worked for me.  It took 5 months for me to get the correct pill and dose. The first time I had sex since surgery was in September and I got pregnant while on the pill and using a condom.  I am now 17 weeks pregnant.  Holly Molly right. 

Before my surgery and losing 80 lbs, I tried for over 6 years to get pregnant - Even with the help of a fertility specialist -

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on 12/20/10 2:36 am - Chino Hills, CA
I never tried to get pregnant before my WLS. I also never took birth control and never used condoms with my husband, and we never got pregnant. I was always really irregular with my periods, as well.

Then, after I lost about 80 pounds, my cycles regulated, and when we started trying to get pregnant, it happened on the first try.

I wouldn't consider this a clinical study by any means, but I think being a healthier weight may have had something to do with our success.
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on 12/20/10 2:45 am - Bellevue, NE

I was always told VERY fertile!!!  My dr. told me to use 2 forms of BC because as we are losing the huge amounts of weight, we are also losing estrogen which has been stored in our fat cells.  This also amounts to increased fertility as well! 

Also, I know myself-due to the weight- I never had regular periods-once I lost the weight the periods were regular as well. 

Good luck!  Unless, there are other medical issues such as with your partner-or yourself-you may be very surprised how easy it is!


on 12/20/10 2:57 am
It all depends on you and your body chemistry/mechanics. Before surgery I was a fertile myrtle.

I got pregnant a year and half after I had surgery, month and a half AFTER I had a panni done...I was on the pill and used a condom and pulled out...yep he is hell bent on getting here...YES i do know when the night I got pregnant...different story different day

After surgery, ANY surgery your body goes through changes. *duh*. With this surgery you are losing fat, and if you have like a Panni down or any other excessive skin taken off your body hormones need to readjust. DURING that time, your body is so use to producing the "excessive" hormones that it takes a couple of months for them to "level" out. SO you will have all that extra hormone in you, with the weightloss it does make you more fertile.

Why I was on birth control in the first place...After I loss a good amount of weight I was getting my period every 15days. So the BC help level it out. Got my period like I did before my surgery. every 28days like clock work. AFTER my Panni, it was a "normal" period in March and when April came around, I got it on April 2, had my period for OVER a week and half. Had to call and cancel papsmear and revisit to get more BC...NO i wasnt out but would be in 2weeks...couple of days later i stopped bleeding and had sex...WHAMO! oh and it shouldve been my "safe time" too...that weekend I got my "period" again and come to find out it was break through bleeding....SOOO yes we are more FERTILE. Think of us being on fertility drugs, without the drugs.
So I guess you could say I used 3forms of
ok sorry for rambling....

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on 12/20/10 2:59 am - Livermore, CA
I was also told we are more fertile... I read that women hold a lot of their hormones in their fat cells, and when their fat cells are shrunk so rapidly, extra hormones are released...  

And I can vouch for it..  Less than a year and a half out of surgery, I accidently got pregnant wtih twins.. while on the birth control patch....   

You hear a lot of ladies getting pregnant right after surgery, so please be careful.  I thought I was being extra careful, switching to the patch from the pill, because I was scared I wouldn't fully absorb the pill..   but that was a horse of a different color....

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on 12/20/10 3:01 am
Since estrogen is stored in your fat, the rapid weight loss releases that stored up estrogen causing your progesterone to rise right along with it.
So yes, weight loss makes you more fertile.

I had a Mirena IUD in place and still got pregnant 9 months post-op. Even my OB was shocked. No one in his practice has seen an IUD pregnancy that didn't end in an early miscarriage from complications.

So be careful if you don't want to get pregnant.
on 12/26/10 12:23 am
I can only answer from a personal experience too...but less than 3 months after the surgery and despite using protection (which obviously failed) I was pregnant. I don't think that I was nearly as fertile 80+ pounds heavier!

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