Metformin Induced Dumping?

on 3/29/11 7:26 am
I was just wondering if anyone on Metformin noticed an icrease in dumping? I went on it in October and the last month or so, (only sugar made me dump before)  regular carbs like bread and wraps and making me dump too. Anyone experience this? Thanks!
on 3/29/11 9:01 am
having been on metformin for several years...even before my of the biggest side effects of it is diarrhea. It isn't even really dumping per say. It will take a littel while for your body to get used to it but after a littel while, it will go away. I will say that it comes back from time to time if I eat the wrong thing. But I remember being at work and I would JUST make it to the bathroom (not to be gross). But on the flip side, it has helped me in so many ways.

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on 3/29/11 9:14 am - Chino Hills, CA
Metformin makes you EXTREMELY sensitive to carbs and it can make you very, very sick. If you cut things out like bread, pasta, rice, tortillas, etc, you will notice a major difference in how you feel.
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on 3/29/11 9:36 am - San Jose, CA
OMG Mandy! I love your avatar pic! so very sweet!
Our little miracle baby boy is on his way!
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on 3/29/11 4:44 pm - Chino Hills, CA
Thank you! She is the light of my life.
Mandy- 6.5cc (10cc band) 
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on 3/29/11 10:10 pm
Haha my name is Mandi too. And yes! Its not just diarrhea but the increased heart rate and hot flashes and basically feeling like I am dying. Thank you very much, I am glad to know this!
on 3/30/11 6:43 am - Marietta, GA
Metformin & Milk (or dairy products) do not mix well in my tummy!

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