still TTC baby #2

on 8/30/16 7:10 am - Miami, FL

well still trying. i can't believe it never dawned on me that you basically get one shot. one week a month to go for it. lol.


hormones are improving a bit since i started a regular exercise regimen, more intense. i actually was able to figure out ovulation this month. only had sex once. once was enough. lol. with a toddler, a husband who works long hours, and trying to build you own business, i have no energy or desire for sex. lol.


i haven't been able to get in to see a gyno bc unless its for something specific i can't go till my annual check up. but my appt is this week. i'm scheduled to get my period this week so...we'll see how that goes. i want to at least talk to her about getting on metformin. i really think it could help with my cycles.


anyway just wanted to check in. keep you guys posted.


Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 9/2/16 4:08 pm
VSG on 12/10/13

How are you tracking ovulation? Counting cycle days? Basal temperature? Test strips? You can get an app (I used Ovia) that will help you keep track of all of that and tell you GO FOR IT TODAY, more or less.

I bought a box of ovulation tests, just the cheap pee-on-a-strip ones, and that was really helpful since I was coming off Mirena and didn't have a period. Definitely worth the $20!

How long have you been trying? How long have you been off BC?

Nerdy Little Secret (#42) - Tucson Roller Derby

on 9/17/16 11:25 am - Miami, FL

been using Ovia for a couple of months now. my cycles are weird. like they used to be 28 days but since jan they're like 33 days long and i don't ovulate till day 20-22 and my obgyn said that wasn't abnormal but it is for me!! i haven't been on birth control since i TTC the first time in 2011. been trying this time around since jan.


i have pcos. i ask the obgyn to give me metformin but she says it won't help my cycles. it will at best just help me lose weight. but i think it will help bc bringing my sugar levels down i think will help calm the hormones a bit. she says my ovaries are probably covered in cysts and the egg has nowhere to go so my body is pumping hormones in to pu**** out and that causing all these side effects. i have an ultrasound next week to check it out. if thats the case she wants to put me on birth control for 3 months to clear them out then give me a low dose of chlomid to make sure i ovulate. at first i was upset bc that means an entire year is lost. and i'm already 36. but if this will fix the issue then lets ******g do it. i'm sick of all the acne, weight gain, and head games.


on 12/13/16 9:21 pm

This is a few months old so I'm hoping you are on track but I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2007 when I was 23. For almost 10 years now I have been treated with birth ontrol, metformin and spironolactone. Last year we started TTC and my GYN said stop the birth control and stay on the other two until I was pregnant, then stop spironolactone and keep taking metformin. I didn't get pregnant last year so went back on bc for 6 months and then we have TTC since May. My cycles were 25 days for 5 months, now I am at day 39 and waiting. I will go back on birth control and try again next year.

All this to say...I started treatment with an Endocrinologist. My OB/GYN is not an expert in metabolic diseases like PCOS. it is really a misnomer because the cysts on the ovaries are a symptom of high testersoterone and altered insulin signaling. The cysts are actually follicles that mature partially but never get the signal to fully mature and release the egg. 


PCOS is a passion of mine and I hope you will go see an endocrinologist or see a different OB/GYN

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