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Hi all!  

This is my 1st post on this forum.  I am 9ish weeks pregnant with my 2nd child (1st after RNY)  I am a few years post op now and had just started gaining some weight back (20 lbs).
For some reason I have this unease feeling that this child is going to be malnourished or deformed or something because of the RNY.  I just need some resources with suggested eating and maybe some stories of people having healthy (or even not healthy) babies post RNY.

I have definitely forgotten ALL the rules - my 1st set of blood work showed that I am borderline anemic so I am taking iron and prenatal supplements plus some others like B12 and calcium.  My cravings are all sugar and I am having a hard time eating meats they just feel like a lump in my tummy and I get very tired after eating.

Tips stories and links would be a big help!  

Thank you all

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I had VSG, not RNY, but my son born after surgery was (and is) AMAZINGLY healthy! He turned a year old on Halloween, and he's incredibly happy and active and smart and pretty much the best kid ever. (Yes, I am biased!) No worries at all.

My surgeon mentioned that there was a study of women who had one kid before WLS, and another kid after. From what I remember, every single baby born after surgery was healthy-- healthier than their sibling!

The thing I was told is that you need to focus on QUALITY of nutrition over quantity. It's hard, because all I wanted to eat when I was pregnant were peanut butter sandwiches, but if you eat good things and lots of protein, your baby should be just fine.

Make sure you get in to see your surgeon ASAP while pregnant, s/he can give you some advice, and hopefully your OB will have some experience with WLS patients as well.

Congratulations!! :)

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Katiebear, I'm so sorry for your loss.  I haven't been pregnant after weight loss surgery, since I am in my 40's, but I do have to say that I had multiple miscarriages without having weight loss surgery.  There could be any number of reasons that you miscarried, not just the surgery.

Again, I know the pain, and I'm so very sorry for your loss.

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