8 Months post op - Pregnant!

on 12/23/16 12:26 pm
VSG on 04/28/16

So we had an oops!  I thought I was ovulating the week after we were intimate but it was during that time.  Anyway, here I am 7 weeks and my first appt. next Tuesday.  I hope everything is going well w/ the little bean and I am trying to stay on track, but I see myself cave in to small little cravings more than I usually do.  It's frustrating and I am stuck between - eat it and NO!!!  You've lost all this weight.

Anyway, I am getting back on track and just going to make sure that I eat my small high protein meals.  Anyway been through this before your year w/ any recommendations/ tips?

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 12/30/16 10:39 am
VSG on 12/10/13

Do you have an OB yet? I found that having a doctor with some experience with other WLS patients was super helpful. I let my eating slide off track quite a bit (got pregnant at 13 months post-op) but it was within the doctor's OK. Having my surgeon on board was important too, he's had lots of women get pregnant post-op and had some great advice.

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