Pregnancy Cravings... ugh, they are a "B"!!!

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How do you RNY'ers out there combat the pregnancy cravings? I understand gaining weight is normal during pregnancy and I want to make sure that I eat enough to keep myself and baby healthy. My doctor said not to worry about weight gain... I looked at him with a blank stare (and a smile) and said "you cannot tell a bariatric patient not to worry about weight gain?!" He laughed and said that if I gained "too much" he would let me know...

I am a revision patient and when I had my lap-band... I would weight myself every chance I got. I know I was out of control and it cause me to develop some pretty unhealthy eating habits. I gauge my wellness on a "just out of the dryer pair of jeans"... essentially, by my clothes. But, I know my body is changing, and I have no control over certain aspects.

I have been craving carbs and carbonation... what are some things you use to aide with those cravings? Thank you for any advice you can give to this first time prego,...

I do my darndest to watch my portion sizes and stick to my bariatric diet... but these cravings are gnarly!!! I find myself mindlessly snacking and it's driving me nuts! I don't notice until it's too late haha

I do not own a scale, and have not for quite some time now. Going out and purchasing one is not an option for me because I do not want to fall into bad habits and being a slave to my scale. I only weigh myself at doctor's appointments and if I feel there is a problem, my parents have a I have gained about 8 pounds so far, which I know is not a big deal... I just don't want to develop the mentality "you're pregnant, eat for two, eat what you want...etc" and then have it be so hard to kick those habits after the baby is born...

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I didn't have RNY but I tell ya when I first found out I was pregnant....those cravings got the best of me.  I couldn't stop them.  Thankfully I had my VSG to help with not over eating but that only meant I couldn't consume a lot in one meal.  I weigh myself everyday just so I can mentally take note of what I have to do post baby but I don't go ham on trying to diet.  My nut told me in the beginning I wasn't supposed to gain so much so soon but I looked at her like lady...if the craving hits I'm eating it I can't help it.  So, I've maintained for a little now I'm 5 months and I hope to not surpass the 30lb gained threshold but if I do I just know I'll have to work hard to get that back off.  I'm sorry I don't have any suggestion for combating the cravings...though I did go and buy the stuff I craved and would have to bring it in to work for coworkers to consume because all I needed was to have access to it but never ate it. 

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Since finding out we were pregnant I've been eating so many carbs. I swear they are helping me from being constipated though. One day I ate 1.5 donuts over the course of the day! I can't believe that still. Oh and we ate fried chicken and jo jo's three nights in a row because it is the only thing that sounded good at all. I'm so worried about gaining weight and I know I need to do better but its so hard! 

When are you due?

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I had the VSG, not RNY, but just delivered twins 5 months ago.  I had a powerful craving for pringles and French onion dip.  No clue - it sounds disgusting to me now.  :-)  I lasted about 2 weeks and was seriously just about all I ate.  After the twins were born I looked at them in the hospital and said, "okay, what was up with the French onion dip?  Which one of you was that?!?!?!"

I gained 30 pounds in pregnancy (all fluid I think) and lost 67 in the month after delivering.  I've since gained back about 20 of that.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Just do the best you can and remember you are growing a human which is an amazingly hard thing to do!  Don't go crazy with the junk, but if you're craving donuts, it won't kill you.  The cravings do go away, and you can get right back on track with WLS eating.

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I've eaten a whole box of cheese nips in the last 24 hours! It's terrible. I'm 1:15 months out and 9 weeks pregnant!

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When I first found out in Dec. we were expecting I caved in.  I had the sweets and carbs you name it.  I was at 164 and within two weeks went up to 171. When I got on the scale at my first OB appt I was mortified!  I got back on the healthy eating and eating every 2 hours smaller portions to help w/ my heartburn and that helped.  Last OB appt on 2/8 I was 166.  I still 'indulge' now and then but limit carbs as much as I can.  I think what has helped is eating my smaller portions and every two hours.  So if I want something that has a carb it's really small portioned.  I will be 1 year post op VSG on April 28th so I basically have gone back to my 3-4 oz a meal and I think that has helped w/ the weight gain.  I secretly am afraid to gain but I know it's normal.  I will be 16 weeks tomorrow.  I wouldn't limit carbs so much but I would stay away from the carbonation just because it really does fill you up and no nutrition at all.  At least we can add some nutrition to the carb! :)  Spinach crescent rolls? :)

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