Low carb?

K P.
on 2/18/17 9:42 am
DS on 07/08/14 with

Anyone else limit there carbs? I typically eat 100 total carbs or less each day. I've been doing a lot of reading and decided I needed to add a few more for my babies development. So now my goal is 150 a day. Not to say some days I eat three cookies or a donut and go over, but I'm shooting for that 150 number. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Too many carbs really upset my stomach and cause gas and diarrhea. I've added in granola as a good complex carbs. Any other suggestions?

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on 2/28/17 2:37 pm
VSG on 04/28/16

I try to limit my carbs but haven't tracked it.  I am being so lazy!  haha...I would add in natural carbs like from fruits and veggies verses grains.  Sweet potatoes, peas, carrots things like that.

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