on 2/27/17 12:15 pm

Help, I need to get back on track with vitamins, what do you take and what brands?  My Dr. wants me to start taking prenatals for a few months before ttc.  Has anyone taken the Sundown Perfect Iron?  

on 2/28/17 2:33 pm
VSG on 04/28/16

I am 16 weeks pregnant and take the Natures brand.  My Dr. said it was good.  I just take extra folic acid due to the sx.

on 3/3/17 11:10 am
VSG on 06/21/12

I have 5 1/2 month old twins (4 years after WLS). I continued to take my Nature's Blend High Potency Multivitamin every day and added in a prenatal chewable vitamin at night. I had to start taking extra Vit A, Calcium, Fe, and B12 by the end of pregnancy. Those little fetuses ate all my vitamins and minerals! :-)

My hospital has a bariatric surgery dietician that works with pregnant women. Here is what she recommended for Fe.

"We have started recommending the following iron available only from the manufacturer.
Ferrimin 150 (Ferrous Fumarate with 150mg Iron elemental iron PER tablet)
Take one a day

Another brand that works well for post-bariatric surgery patients is Ferretts.
You can buy it online here: tablets/

You can also increase your iron rich foods:
beans, clams, beef, lentils, liver, oysters, shrimp, and turkey.

Foods that enhance dietary absorption of iron include broccoli, grapefruit, oranges, peppers and strawberries. Foods that decrease dietary absorption of iron include coffee, dairy products, soy products, spinach, and tea."

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