Decided to start trying for baby #2 any tips for post-op conception or pregnany?

on 6/6/17 5:12 am - Bradford, Canada
RNY on 02/12/16

Hey everyone,

I am 18 months post-op and hubby and I have recently decided we are going to go ahead and try for baby number 2. This would be my first child post-op and being that I'm 35 years old and have a marina IUD I'm a little concerned but having conception issues. I go tomorrow to have my IUD removed and I'm really hoping we can see you soon. Has anybody I had a child over the age of 35 post-op? Has anybody being on Mirena IUD and conceived and if so how long after having your IUD removed did it take for conception? I'm filled with questions about how my surgery would affect a pregnancy? Any tips from post-op mamas on how to increase fertility or what happens during pregnancy that didn't happen in your pre-op pregnancies. I'm so filled with excitement that we're going to add to our family but I have some anxieties about my fertility having a healthy pregnancy now that I'm post-op and over 35.

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VSG on 11/22/16

I'm 6 months post-op so can't really assist with respect to post-op pregnancy but I have dealt with fertility issues prior to surgery. My suggestion would be to start tracking your period and determine when you ovulate so you know best when to have sex. Fertility drops dramatically around 35 so if you try to get pregnant for 6 months and it doesn't happen have your family physician refer you to a fertility specialist for a consultation.

It's likely that the health improvements resulting from weight loss can improve fertility (ie: regulating hormones etc) but there comes a time when age really impacts egg quality that no one really tells us until its too late!! I don't mean this to alarm you or create anxiety but sometimes a fertility specialist can be really helpful in helping things along...and improve your chances of getting pregnant! Good luck:)

on 8/24/17 10:18 am - Canada

I am post-op, but my first pregnancy was pre-op, but post IUD removal. I had my IUD removed in mid September 2013 and I got pregnant in November. I wasn't trying either, in fact trying NOT to get pregnant and literally it only took one time...I hope all goes well with you. I would love to keep in touch, as my second pregnancy will also be post-op :)

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