Getting pregnant post-op, vitamins?

on 9/23/17 2:19 pm - Canada
RNY on 02/02/15

We've finally decided to try for a baby. My first, I'll be 30 next month. I'm wondering how difficult it will be.... I'm on seasonale and last night will be my last pill and I'll be calling my gyno Monday morning. I'm apprehensive as the one I've had for the past 7-9 years has moved and I have a new one, and I'm worried she won't have much knowledge about bariatric surgery and pregnancy... the unique requirements.

Anyone quit birth control pills and get pregnant quickly? I'm crazily hoping it's fast so it works with my school schedule, But I'm fine if it doesn't. :) (Nursing school is hard!)

I'm curious about how much vitamins were increased and if extras were added, anything specific unique to us to watch out for etc. I have PCOS so I expect this to be a rough journey.

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 9/28/17 7:20 pm
VSG on 12/10/13

I had PCOS before my surgery, and expected to take a long time to get pregnant. Turns out I conceived 3 weeks after my IUD was yanked-- I never even had a period!

My OBGYN had me stay on my regular bariatric vitamins, and add a separate folic acid supplement. You don't want to double up on the multivitamins because too much vitamin A can be dangerous to the fetus. But I just got some folic acid pills and everything went on as normal.

If you're worried about having an experienced OB, I'd suggest calling your surgeon's office and seeing if they have any recommendations. They may be able to point you towards someone other patients have used before. My OB had dealt with a few WLS patients in the past and was able to guide me along just fine.

Good luck!

Nerdy Little Secret (#42) - Tucson Roller Derby

on 9/29/17 4:38 am - Canada
RNY on 02/02/15

I know about vitamin a etc. I'm a nursing student lol. Plus I've spoken to the dietician. She basically kept me the same no extra folic acid or anything. If my.levels are good I get to go off the vitamin a.

My gyno referred me for surgery, but she just left town and I have a new one who I'm pretty sure is unfamiliar with this. Also being in a smaller city there isn't much luck for switching. I took my last pill a week ago today and I'm now on my whay counts as a period for me. my hubby works out of town so this may be a difficult thing. id prefer it to happen quick school wise lol.

I'm waiting for the gyno to call me back... apparenrly they're slow so I also made an appt but it's still a few weeks away and I may go visit the hubby for some trying before the appointment. Lol

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 10/2/17 8:37 am
VSG on 12/10/13

I can totally understand wanting to hurry up and get pregnant! Especially if you've got school going on.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick result! :)

Nerdy Little Secret (#42) - Tucson Roller Derby

on 10/21/17 12:17 am

I had my first and only child 10 years post-op. I chose to conceive via donor and actually conceived 3 times in 7 months. I was 40 at the time of my daughter's conception and 41 when I delivered her. None of my doctors attributed WLS to the miscarriages, both which occurred between 6-8 weeks.

I did not have to make any adjustments to my vitamins except the normal prenatal and addition of folic acid. I gained 22 lbs through my pregnancy and had no issues with eating for two. I feel that somehow my body just naturally adjusted to accommodate the extra intake. Not sure if that's real or imagined but it certainly seemed my ability to eat more increased while pregnant and then after delivery returned to its previous routine.

I also exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months and then continued after the introduction of food until she was 22 months and decided she was done.

The only problem I had during pregnancy thst my doctor said may have been due to WLS is that my tummy skin apron became worDr in terms of moving lower down over the pubus causing recurring infections because of trapped moisture. They finally had to put me on a low dose daily antibiotic for the last 4 months (bactrim I think?).

Everyone is different but I have known many women who have all delivered healthy babies post op and all of them needed little to no adjustment in diet or supplements. I dfont know if the time since WLS makes a difference but it sounds like you are making every effort to be as infimed as possible.

Best of luck to you, and my best attention to your body's signals, and don't stress. Your body knows.

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