Protein shakes with greek yogurt

on 3/5/12 10:33 pm
VSG on 02/10/14 with
Does anyone have any protein shakes recipes with greek yogurt?

Robin Schmidt


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on 3/6/12 5:37 am - Australia
Hey... Not sure about the Greek style yogurt. I think it has a bit more fat than others. I would suggest making your own yogurt ;-) It's really easy and cheaper too. A really good thing about making your own is that you have the power to control how much fat you have in it.

I use water, whole milk powder, a teeny bit of sugar and vanilla essence. I also NEVER run out.

With regard to recipes... try froxen berries with a little scoop of low fat hot chocolate powder. Soooo good.

Hope this helps :-)
on 3/8/12 9:50 am
I like greek yogurt in protein shakes that are fruity tasting. I took note from about freezing greek yogurt in ice cube trays and adding the ice cubes to your shakes. I like to mix 0% plain greek yogurt with SF DaVinci syrup, usually banana, and then freeze that into ice cubes. Then I add two greek yogurt ice cubes to my shake. I've also frozen milk and added less liquid but more mil**** cubes to make my shake creamier. Both add the creaminess but I find the yogurt taste is too over powering for non-fruit flavours.

One recipe I'm currently liking is: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/3 banana (frozen), 3 whole frozen strawberries, 1 cup orange sunrise crystal light, 2 Tbsp. unsweetened apple sauce, and 2 SF Davinci banana flavoured greek yogurt ice cubes. It's based on the Jugo Classico smoothie from Jugo Juice and tastes pretty good.

You could also do different combos of fruit and fluid (like mixed berries, with milk and SF Strawberry davinci flavoured greek yogurt cubes would be good) to suit your personal preferences.

Hope this helps!
Katie  ♥     
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on 1/21/13 3:19 pm - CA

I would always combine greek yogurt in my protein shakes. It definitely gives it more of the creamier texture and enhances the flavor. I recently changed my diet to Paleo which limits me to consuming dairy. There are some delicious recipes on my favorite Paleo Blog