Chia Seed Breakfast Protein Pudding

on 10/11/17 1:19 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with

This is NOT low calorie, but I try to make breakfast my highest calorie meal so it's been working well for me!

The night before-

1 Scoop Grass Feed Organic Whey protein powder

2 TBSP dehydrated peanut butter powder

2 TBSP Chia Seeds

4 oz (or half a can/carton) RTD protein shake

Mix the powders and seeds with a fork, then add in just a little of the RTD protein liquid and mix/kneed with the fork to form a paste (this helps get all the powders wet) then continue to add the rest of the liquid into the mixture as you keep stirring/combining the mixture. Place this in the refrigerator (you don't need to cover it) and the next morning you'll have a lovely pudding.

The calorie/macro count will vary depending on the RTD protein you use. I like to use chocolate flavors with the peanut butter but I've used it with banana and strawberry and it's fine. The macros below are based on using half a can of Pure Protein Frosty Chocolate Shake

Total Calories: 342, Protein: 48, Carbs: 22, Sugar: 2, Fat: 10

SW - 206 CW - 143
M1 - 20lb M2 - 9 lb M3 - 7 lb M4 - 7 lb M5 - 7 lb M6 - 6 lb M7 - 4 lb M8 - 1 lb M9 - 2 lb

on 11/8/17 3:02 am

Thanks for sharing this.

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