Stomaphyx in Phoenix and needing info

on 7/24/07 3:46 am - Layton, UT
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Would love to hear from all who have had the Stomaphy.....  Special diet?  Price?  Amount you needed to lose?  .... I'm so excited to finally have something simple as a revision option!  I was not looking forward to another open to take out more of my intestine! Joyce in az who will be one of Dr. Schlesinger's First "fixes'!!!!  Yay!

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on 7/25/07 12:24 am
I am currently looking into the StomaphyX also.  There is a doctor in Irvine, CA (I'm in San Diego, CA) which is only like 1 hour away.  I DONT HAVE TO TRAVEL!  I have HMO insurance and that surgeon is an in network.  I have not gone yet.  So I don't know the price.  I am very excited too!
on 7/28/07 12:47 am - West Palm Beach, FL
The insurance companies are not covering this.
on 7/28/07 5:59 am
Some insurance companies are covering it
Stefanie Bailey RN

on 7/25/07 8:30 am - Bandera, TX
There is a surgeon in College Station TX that is going to be doing them.  He is a bariatric surgeon and also does bypass and Lapbands.  What an exciting option for those that so desperately need and want to be successful.  PM me and I will be glad to get you his onformation. 
on 12/29/13 6:54 pm

His name is Dr. Mason and he's a physician at St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan.  He performs Gastric Bypass and lap band surgeries.  He now lists Stomaphyx as a surgery revision for GBPS as well.

jonathan R.
on 7/27/07 12:36 am - east meadow, ny
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I had the surgery by Dr. Shawn Garber in NY about a week ago and lost 9 pounds already and feel like soon after the gastric bypass when I needed to remind myself to eat.  I am on a full liquid diet for a couple of weeks.  My surgeon charges $8800 for the entire procedure.
on 7/27/07 1:25 am - Layton, UT
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Wow!  Congrats on your loss!  I sooooooooo want to be a LOSER again too!!!!  ....  I found out that Dr. Eric Schlesinger  (Phoenix) will be charging in that same ballpark.  He's running a "New Procedure Special"  with great pricing.  ....  I'm on the list!  Woooooo Hoooooo! Joyce in az