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on 9/13/07 3:47 pm
I found out for sure today and It sounds like Donnabug cleared it up, but yes, the Endocinch procedure does JUST the stoma.  Mt Sinai and Columbia are not included in this study-their procedure is more like the stomaphyx where they do both the pouch and the stoma.  AFter my endoscopy today the doc estimates my stoma to be a little more than 3 cm and my pouch 4-5 cm (I'm pretty sure that's what they said but keep in mind I still had the happy happy drugs in me).  They have to get actual measurements after the results are read.  As of now I DO qualify for the procedure as long as I pass the next batch of tests next Friday.  I THINK they said they reduce the stoma down to single digits...8 mm I think.  I'm feeling sleep coming on again.  Have a good nite all. 
on 9/13/07 7:47 pm - Florence, MA
Just to cleat it up about the Endo cinch  and Dr, Thompson...You CAN have your pouch done too (now) BUT only IF you are In the Clincal trial Then you can ONLY get the stoma done. Dr. Tompson told me he could do that afer the trial if I wanted/ needed it. SO I hope that clarifys it for you cuz I wount want you to Misunderstand and forgo any possible options. I know that i have had to ask these questions also and asked for alot of clarification.
Janelle S.
on 9/13/07 5:56 pm - Metairie, LA
If your pouch was never used, it would not be stretched out, but you might still need a revision if your stoma was stretched out. At 4 months I had a stricture dilated and the doctor overdilated my stoma. Since then I have not lost much weight. I was evaluated for StomaphyX and my pouch is too small. Maybe one of the other devices will work for me. So you can have a small pouch and still need a revision.


on 9/14/07 4:54 am - Lynn, MA
Hello, I wanted to say Thanks for posting this information, I found it to be very useful!!!!  Good luck to you and your mom with your upcoming procedures and be sure to post on this forum you success!!!! You going to have to take some before and after pictures (smile)!!!
on 9/12/07 8:52 am - WA

I paid out of pocket. My insurance is great about coverage for other things and saves me alot of money a year for various reasons, but it only covers RNY and as of the last few months, lapband. It is still on my credit card and have been approved for a home equity loan already. I will be able to begin my plastics soon, as this will help me get closer to goal.

on 9/13/07 6:49 pm - WA
I'm sorry I didn't get the right name or type of procedure. It sound really exciting, that so much is now being offered to fix stretched pouches and stomas. I still feel the acute embarrassment of regaining my weight after the RNY. I truly hope this works for all of us.
Cheryl J.
on 9/13/07 7:17 pm
Revision on 08/15/11 with
You really shouldnt feel embarrassed because at first I felt the same thing. But after doing all of this research about revision surgery, I now understand why we are all going through the same thing. This weight loss surgery journey plays a psychological role and a physiological role.  If our pouch and/or stoma was fixed in a way that it would never stretch we wouldnt be here.  I mean after 6 years even if you are compliant with the bariatric diet your pouch is going to eventually stretch. And no to be funny in any way, but look how much money these Doctors are making for revision surgeries.  They would be out of business fast if our inital surgery would last us a lifetime. Im just being real.  Our doctors know the initial surgery will not last forever, they even tell you that.  Its been 6 years for me, and my initial Doctor is known for making the stomas too large in the first place.  I have been struggling with my weight within the past two years.  I thought I would never be here because I was very compliant with my diet, and  eventually my pouch & stoma stretched. Im curious to see what will our future posts will be after the Stomaphyx. I am hoping this will last longer, but at least you can go back and do it again.  And hopefully insurance will pick it up. 
on 9/14/07 4:49 am - Lynn, MA
I'm with 100% in that I'm excited about different options available, because until I got on this forum I had no idea that I had any "options"......I too I'm embarrassed over gaing the weight back.............. I've attached a copy of an email I got regarding the STUDY going on at BWH: Subject: RE: NCT00394212, DVL-EC-002: - Transoral Repair of a Dilated Gastrojejunostomy Following Gastric Bypass


Hi Sharon,



My name is Michele Ryan and I am the clinical research coordinator for the RESTORe trial at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  To answer your question, this procedure is similar to the Stomaphyx procedure, however this procedure does not reduce the pouch size, just the stoma.  We do have certain criteria that need to be met to enroll people for this trial.  One of those criteria is the size of your pouch.  If it is over 6 cm in length or 5cm in width, you would be excluded.  We determine this during your screening endoscopy. Dr. Thompson does perform a stoma and pouch reduction procedure at Brigham and Women’s if your pouch is dilated, but  he uses a different device than the Stomaphyx.  If you are still interested in exploring the RESTORe trial, I would be happy to discuss this with you further.  Just let me know what phone number is best to reach you at or if you prefer to correspond via email.  Just as an FYI, we have a waiting list of patients for this trial so it may be 2-3 months before we actually have you come in for screening if we haven’t reached our recruitment goals by that time.   



Thanks, Michele




Michele B. Ryan, M.S. Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Christopher C. Thompson Brigham and Women's Hospital Gastroenterology Division 1620 Tremont Street - BC-3 Boston, MA 02120 Phone: 617-525-8266 Pager: 617-732-5656 #11343 Fax: 617-525-8740 Email: MRYAN15@partners.org



on 9/14/07 4:51 am - Lynn, MA
Here is some "additional" feedback I recvd for folks in Boston, Ma:

Hi Sharon,



The RESTORe trial is an endoscopic procedure with a suturing device.  All the these procedures (ie stomaphyx, RESTORe and the procedure that Dr. Thompson does for the stoma and pouch reduction) are all considered Endoscopic Gastric Bypass Repair as they are all done endoscopically.  Transoral repair of a dilated gastrojejunostomy is the name of the endoscopic stoma reduction procedure.  Endoscopic gastric bypass repair could mean just the stoma (or dilated gastrojejunal anastomosis) or the pouch and stoma.  Dr. Thompson’s alternate procedure is called the ROSE procedure and is done with a device manufactured by a company called USGI.  The ROSE procedure is not involved in a study.  You can have your name on both lists to see which study you can get on sooner if you want to.  Hope that clarifies, if not let me know!



Thanks, Michele


on 2/13/12 2:26 pm

Dr. Christopher Thomas is with the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston.  I had gastro bypass surgery in March, 2000 after losing 131 pounds I regained 80 pounds over the past 3 tears.  After being checked out by Dr. Thompson I was found to have a fistula and he did gastro bypass revision on me where they sew the fistula closed and reduce the size of the stomach back to about 6cm which I think is a cup. They also make the outflow piece smaller.  His new procedure is called the Apollo procedure.  I had it done 4 weeks ago, you are on nothing but liquid protein shakes for 45 days, then 2 weeks of soft food, then back to the high protein diet but things that really have to be chewed.  It is not like the diet they gave us back in 2000.  You should not have protein shakes after this and you should not have easy to digest mushy foods that pass through quickly, now you are suppose to eat a balanced diet, still watching the proteins but chewing very thoroughly.  We still only retain about 20% of what we eat but if you eat like this it helps keep you full longer and stays in your stomach longer.  When I start to eat normally again it is suppose to be about 1000 calories per day.  No junk food of course.  I have lost 22 pounds in the four weeks mostly from prep and 3 days of not eating and now protein shakes.  They say when I eat soft food for two weeks I will regain some of the weight because it passes through quicker and you feel hungry, and of course I need to get back to regular exercise which I used to enjoy until I got heavy again :(

on 2/13/12 2:34 pm
P.S It took me almost a year to get my insurance company to approve this; I can't tell you how many letters and literature went back and forth.  They wanted me to have laproscopic surgery which is 5 days in the hospital verses a 2 hour outpatient procedure, and of course laproscopic has a higher mortality rate after having original bypass.  If your insurance will only approve this laproscopic procedure an excellent doctor to see if David Lautz Director of Bariatric surgery at Women and Brighams also.
on 5/21/12 5:38 pm - KY
Can you please give us a update on your progress?
on 4/27/15 12:02 pm

Hi it's been several years now since you had this procedure done, can you give me an update on your progress.

on 9/28/10 5:22 pm
I have read everyone's e:mails and would appreciate some help.  I have been interested in the Stomaphyx procedure for a while.  I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2000 and lost over 150 lbs.  I have since gained back at least 60 and have tried losing on my own but cannot control my hunger.  I completely understand everyone's embarassment over gaining weight back, I hate facing the people at work since they have seen me before and after and now with the regaining of the weight I feel like a major failure.  I have heard of Dr. Thompson before but do not know what hospital he is affiliated with, can someone help me with this?  Good luck to everyone and hope to get an answer soon.