sabrina Y.
on 12/7/09 12:45 pm - virginia beach, VA
Hi all!
I am in the process of getting my affairs in order to get a "conversion" done from VSG to RNY. I got my sleeve last November and over the past year, I have lost a total of 40 pounds (although the wt is starting to go up again).
I was wondering for those that have had this conversion: how hard is it? Meaning, are the first weeks following the RNY surgery similar to the first few weeks of VSG in terms of pain? I know that pain varies between people and sometimes a person can tolerate pain well once and then the next: WHOOSH, "GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!" I generally am not a wimp, but, I do not want my husband to have to worry about me being in pain. The only real pain I had after the VSG was when they took the drain out: OUCH.
Also, how long were some of you in the hospital? I am also trying to finish up the last of my courses for my degree and I need to tell my instructors something (I know, the doctor will tell me, but, he is not the one that has gone through this)

Thanks for any help!


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on 12/7/09 1:02 pm
Hi Sabrina!

I am wondering why you are converting to RNY instead of DS?  You already have the first 1/2 of the DS and would not have to cut up your stomach again.

Also, consider that IF you do not lose the weight and keep it off with the RNY you would have a very difficult revision to go through.

Is it insurance or does your Dr. not perform the DS? or is there another reason?


on 12/7/09 1:19 pm - Valyermo, CA
 Dont let the DS"ers give you a rough time!
on 12/7/09 1:22 pm - NE
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You already have the first part of the DS why not fini**** The Ds offers great results and leaves your stomach fully functioning, something the RNY doesn't do. Check out the revisions board as well as the DS board and you will find many that have went from the RNY to the DS. Good luck on your journey :)
on 12/7/09 1:30 pm - Palmer, AK

Please research & make sure your surgeon does ALL 4 weight loss surgeries!!  (as I have seen it put into words: "Would you go to a Honda dealer if you wanted a Ford?")

Here is a website link for diagrams of all of the surgeries:

I am a 'visual learner' so this has helped me tremendously!!!

Good Luck on YOUR journey!!!

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Anna G.
on 12/7/09 1:35 pm
Wouldn't a VSG to RNY conversion be a much bigger surgery than just to finish the DS, since you're already halfway there? I know that how involved the surgery is would not be a good thing to base your decision of surgery type on, but if you're concerned about the wimp factor, it seems like it would be much easier to convert to DS.

Your surgeon may not be the best one to do it, but you should discuss it with him and if he doesn't do DS, you could consult with a good DS surgeon about finishing the job.

on 12/7/09 1:38 pm
I'm  DSer, and I'm NOT here to give you a hard time. (*grin*) But I am going to ask why you want to go through the pain and extended healing of having your stomach cut AGAIN, when you could go to a different surgeon and just add the 'switch' to have a complete DS? Right now, you have a fully-functional stomach, complete with pylorus. If you are converted to the RNY, you're going to lose that, and risk dumping, strictures, marginal ulcers, and the possibly of a stretched stoma.

Just something to think about.
sabrina Y.
on 12/7/09 1:55 pm - virginia beach, VA

It is an insurance issue as well as my surgeon. Originally I was going to have the RNY, but thought against it (maybe should have gone with my gut on that one ...no pun intended).
Both my sisters have had WLS and one has had to get a revision to RNY.
I also have a very LARGE ventral hernia that is hiding behind some mesh from a prior ventral hernia repair. (Ventral hernia: incisional hernia).  My surgeon will be doing a lot of work on me no matter what surgery is done to be quite honest.  I am very confident in him as I have gone to another surgeon that told me a horror story about what he was going to do with the hernia, and it sounded, well horrific!  My doctor is not going to “rip out” all the mesh as the other one had suggested and start all over.  I trust my surgeon. I am not sure if this makes a difference or not, but he is part of Bariatric Center of Excellence.

Thank you all for your input…but how about some RNY-ers getting into the mix I know that with the hernia repair I will have pain, but what if he doesn't have to do it, what are pain levels like?
Regards to all!


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Kristi H.
on 12/7/09 3:15 pm - Killeen, TX
Please tell me this is a joke!
Andrea U.
on 12/7/09 1:45 pm - Wilson, NC
I'm an RNY'er trying to figure out why you'd want to convert to RNY when the DS conversion would be quite a bit simpler?

on 12/7/09 2:01 pm
DS on 01/19/10 with
Generally if you have surgery you are going to have pain. Just expect it and take your pain meds around the clock and don't let it get unbearable before your next dose. Its better to catch it early than late. You are right every one is different with their pain tolerance and it does depend on the situation. Just stay on top of it and you'll do fine.

Now on to the real issue. Why do you want rny when you already have half of the ds? Was this your idea or your doc? You wont find many ds'rs wishing they had rny and want a revision to rny. Girfriend if you need to switch docs and get the ds. And hey, this will be easier on your body and may even help with your pain.

Good luck
on 12/7/09 2:33 pm - somewhere, MD
I think you need to do a little more of your own research, and not just go with what this doctor says.  I understand you have hernia and insurance issue, but what he wants to do to you is nuts!  
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Felicia S.
on 12/7/09 2:44 pm - Lincoln, NE
DS on 03/30/09 with
It would be much easier for you to be switched to a DS.  You already have the DS tummy...all your doctor would have to do would be the intestinal bypass portion.

There are several people on the DS board who were very successful with a 2-part DS (VSG first and then the intestinal bypass later).  One of them was just like you in that she had only lost 30ish pounds the first year with her VSG and then lost 100+ pounds the following year after she got the second half of her DS.

Good luck to you with whatever you decide to do.

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on 12/7/09 2:51 pm, edited 12/7/09 2:53 pm - NE
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There are plenty of insurance issues that have been resolved with little problem. Even people on here who can help you resolve them.

ETA you have only lost 40 pounds with a restriction only procedure, why do you think another restriction only procedure is going to help you reach goal? RNY has very little malabsorbtion.
Blank Out
on 12/7/09 3:09 pm
DS on 05/24/10 with
If you already have the sleeve, why not go to a full fledged DS???  So much better long term stats then RNY for loss and maintenance!  Really and truly.  Go to DSfacts.com  The long term studies are so much better for DS than RNY.  Keep your sleeve!  Keep your pyloric valve fully functioning!  You will be so much happier!
on 12/7/09 3:44 pm - South Central, PA
DS on 06/07/10 with
Hi there!

I'm NOT trying to give you a hard time, really.  I do what to challenge you, though.

It sounds like you're making a choice out of convenience and fear:  the doctor you know and trust vs. doing the research and perhaps traveling to a new doctor for a surgery that fits better with what you have already.

Opinions here are valuable, but from a purely practical sense, you're already halfway to a DS, the 'platinum standard' of weight loss surgery.  Although they are very different surgeries with different wellness requirements after surgery, both the DS and RNY have malabsorption components.  If you're willing to get an RNY, getting a DS is not a huge leap out of your comfort zone. 

Getting a DS will require researching REAL DS surgeons and going through the requirements from their office and from your insurance.  DSers can make great recommendations of doctors you can consult with over the phone to at least ask some questions and get more information.  I'm not sure if you'd be an official revision if you have a sleeve, but other wiser ones may comment and offer direction.

In my humble opinion, it defies all logic and wellness to go for what is required to 'change' you to RNY instead of 'finishing' a DS.

I too recommend going over to the DS board, and reading the information at dsfacts.com. 

My very best to you.  I hope everything works out well for you, no matter what you choose.
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on 12/7/09 3:49 pm - TX
Please Please Please follow the links in my sig, and go to www.weightlosssurgeon.com to see great comparison pictures.  Please notice that the sleeve and DS picture has the same stomach part. 

It really should be illegal for a doctor to convert a sleeve to an Rny.  Especially when the sleeve was invented as the first part of the DS.

Again, please consider the future quality of life with this.

We are not DS bullies, we are caring people that don't understand how doctors can get away with this.  It is not fair to their patients to recommend a surgery just because they don't know how to do the one the person needs. 

My doctor does surgery at a bariatric center of excellence (bc/bs) and he does all 4 weight loss surgeries.   He will not talk you into one surgery over another.  But, I would bet my last dollar that he would never recommend a vsg to rny.

At least get a second opinion (that is what I did, and I am so glad I did.)

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on 12/7/09 4:00 pm - TX

Ms. Sabrina...

There are two DS surgeons in GA.  http://www.dsfacts.com/North-American-Duodenal-Switch-Surgeo ns.html#ga

Dr. Smith is listed as a bariatric center of excellence. 

And just another point... why deal with dumping when you don't have to.  And checkout the comparisons of long term results regarding ds vs rny:  http://www.dsfacts.com/Duodenal-Switch-Compared-to-Gastric-B ypass.html

Oh, there are just so many reasons to get a second opinon!!!!   And a second opinion won't hurt anything.     Please Please Please!!!


sabrina Y.
on 12/9/09 8:18 am - virginia beach, VA
Thank you....I have had 3 opinions. Also, Dr. Smith does not accept my inusrance and a cash payment is NOT an option.

Thank you once again.



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on 12/7/09 5:09 pm - , NJ
Revision on 01/23/11 with
Hi Sabrina,
First off best wishes on your revision surgery.  I too am a fellow sleevster who will revisioned in the near future.  My surgeon first recommended revising to an rny but then referred me to a colleague to talk about a duodenal switch.  I think in regards to pain it would depend on whether they did the revision lap or open.  Mine will be open.  I'm interested in hearing what fellow revisioners have to say though since I will go through it as well.