Lap Band over Gastric Bypass

on 7/6/10 12:49 pm
Hi everyone!

I had Gastric bypass in 2001 and lost just over 200 lbs. I  had pretty much NO follow up care after the surgery. (they did things different then, my surgeon is all about follow up care now****pt the weight off until 2005 when I became gravely ill from vitamin B12 deficiency (I was taking b12 -pill form but wasnt absorbing- needed injections). After a year I started to recover and also started gaining weight. Now its 2010 and I have put back on 70lbs. I went to see in my surgeon in March and he reccommended EGD with sclerotherapy. I had my first treatment of sclerotherapy in April and lost about 15 lbs. At my follow up appt my surgeon explained to me about the stoma and pouch size he observed during the EGD. He explained that the size has increased and qualified me for Lapband and he feels this is the best option to get to my goal weight. He also wants to go ahead and do the second EGD with sclero this month as well.
I guess my questions are.... Has anyone had lapband after gastric bypass?? after sclero?? What is it like and/or what is different from bypass?? What can I expect? What can I expect as far as insurance? I have united healthcare and my bariatric nurse at insurance company cant give me any statistics about how often they cover revisions. (No one can).  I guess I just dont want to start a process if its a lost cause. If anyone has any advice or information  about any aspect of the process, insurance, or the surgery, it would be greatly appreciated!!