robert B.
on 8/9/11 11:36 pm - fair lawn, NJ
had revision bypass to lap around 2 years ago been doing pretty well untill lately once in a while i get pain in chest area feels like heart attack after a couple of minutes i fainted for a short time they say it is the vagus nerve but dont tell me what to do it does not happen that often so i dont know what to do heart ok endo they say the anatomy was not that great gi ok i dont want to loose the band i lost 200lbs i dont want to gain it back iam not tight  if they take out the band is there anything else they can do
Nic M
on 8/10/11 3:12 am
This just comes with the territory with the band for a lot of us.
Your diaphragm keeps your lungs and upper respiratory organs separated from the stomach and gastro organs. That's the culprit. The band either presses up against the diaphragm (and the Vagus nerves run through there) or the top portion of the stomach presses against it.

If you continue to get htis pain and simply leave the band, there's a good chance the nerves will become damaged, leading to permanent pain.  I had my band removed over 6 years ago due to the chronic complications I experienced and I still get occasional left shoulder pain because I had so much damage to my diaphragm.

Take care. I hope you can get it all figured out and be pain-free.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


robert B.
on 8/10/11 11:30 pm - fair lawn, NJ
did you faint my doctor did not say about more damage did you get a revision if i take out my band ill be deadt back