Curious if anybody here has gained weight back after vertical sleeve surgery

on 9/28/11 12:52 pm - MS
    Hey!   I had the vertical sleeve surgery done in May 07 and I remember my surgeon telling me after the surgery that he didnt cut me as small due to my size (was 180 lbs at the time of surgery) and I remember thinking... CRAP !!!    I lost approx 40 lbs the first year with my sleeve but then I slowly started being able to eat more and eating the wrong things,  and started gaining the weight back....and then some !!!    So Im back now crying for help (ha ha) and wondered if my new surgeon will want to go with the sleeve revision or with lap band.     I dont think I qualify for the ds or the rny but I just thought I would ask u all what you did if or when u were in this situation .     Thanks 

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on 9/28/11 5:38 pm
Hi yah!  I had VSG surgery on March 18/10 and lost 63 pounds in the first three months and then my weight loss stopped.  By Xmas I was starting to gain and I regained 23 pounds.  I was re-sleeved on September 12th and even just two weeks out I can totally tell the difference.  

In order to have the revision I had an upper GI tract x-ray that used gas granuales and which showed that my sleeved tummy had a very large "bubble" at the top.  I could eat WAY too much.

The first time I never threw up once and this time I've already thrown up twice because I've eaten too much.  I was told this time my tummy is four oz...and to eat only three tablespoons at a time (in 30 minutes).

That's my story.  Hope it helps.
on 10/1/11 5:46 am - MS
    Thank you for that information.   That sounds so much like what happened with me.   I would like to be resleeved or else go all the way and do the DS !!    Who did your revision and how much was it ??
on 9/29/11 4:11 am
I would start by having an Upper GI study done to see what's going on with your sleeve. If there is any significant size difference, or "bubble" at the top or bottom, find a good revision surgeon.

However, if the regain is related to poor food choices, and just eating nutrient-lacking, high calorie sliders, even a smaller sleeve isn't going to stop that behavior.

I would not ever recommend a band to anyone. You could not pay me enough money to put one of those things back in my body. The damage my stomach endured because of the band was not reversible, and I have permanent nerve damage from the band that still plagues me to this very day, and I'm over 2 years out from my revision.

There are others who had regain, they all state that it's because of poor food choices and the fact that they never worked on the behavioral modifications that are necessary for all WLS options.

I can eat a lot more today than I could the first 6 months. I can eat a lot of junk food, but when I eat proper portions, nutrient and protein dense options, I still have amazing restriction.

What I would honestly do if I found myself in your situation is; Go back to basics, and stop eating craptastic food choices. Getting the sleeve size reduced is complicated and often not recommended, but there are a few who were able to have that type of revision due to sleeves that were not performed properly from the beginning. I would not be going back to the same surgeon who performed the initial surgery. His reasoning behind making the sleeve "bigger" is not a good reason since sleeve maturity and some degree of stretching is seen at 2-3 years out. There are several band to VSG revision patients who had revisions close to goal, and their surgeons chose the standard bougie size(32-40fr) and technique of removing all of the fundus to ensure long term restriction.
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Another here recommending never getting a band!  If you are looking into Mexico for the re-sleeve, you can check out the DS.  They don't use the high BMI required by many US surgeons.

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    Thank you all for your help and comments.    I have made bad food choices and this time I will be doing things the right way.    Is the upper GI done at surgery time or is it done before surgery day?   I think I will probably get resleeved since nobody seems to think very highly of the lap band!    This Dr I am seeing charges 18,000 for lap band or for sleeve and that seems so high to me !!     Especially being that Im a self payer !!     
on 10/1/11 2:48 am
On September 29, 2011 at 6:20 AM Pacific Time, Ding-E-Girl wrote:
    Thank you all for your help and comments.    I have made bad food choices and this time I will be doing things the right way.    Is the upper GI done at surgery time or is it done before surgery day?   I think I will probably get resleeved since nobody seems to think very highly of the lap band!    This Dr I am seeing charges 18,000 for lap band or for sleeve and that seems so high to me !!     Especially being that Im a self payer !!     
You'll need to have the Upper GI done before your surgery. This will give the surgeon a good idea of what is going on with your stomach. The band really sucks. I mean not just based on my personal experience, but statistically it's horrible and has a 25% reoperation rate to either remove, replace, reposition, or revise to another surgery within 3 years of having it placed. Mine only lasted 8 months before I had to revise to VSG.

As for a revision, you need to go to an experienced revision surgeon. Not just anyone, not just someone who has a few revisions under their belt. There's a couple of experienced Mexico revision surgeons, but resleeving is not recommended and super complicated so, don't just go to anyone based on price. Revisions come with a quadrupled increase for complications. The price isn't too bad based on US prices, yeah it's more expensive than Mexico, but for US prices 18k for a sleeve isn't horrible. I didn't notice where you are located, but I would highly recommend researching a strong, experienced revision surgeon before paying for a sleeve revision.

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on 9/29/11 8:55 am - WA
@DingeGirl -

The cost seems pretty high - but you must be looking at US prices.  My surgeon is in Mexico and it's about $8500 for the revision.  You might want to take a look at that option.  Dr. Ortiez is wonderful and trained alot of the US Surgeons.  He is one of the leaders worldwide in Baratric Weight loss surgery (no I don't work for him -but have been going to him for about 7 years -)

Bottom line - find a good surgeon who has done alot of revisions - that will get you what you want...

on 9/29/11 5:42 pm - MS
    Thanks Donna !  Ive heard of Dr Ortiez and have heard he is real good.    I just worry about the flight,   hotel room,  safety of going alone etc.....    Did you fly there by yourself ??
on 9/29/11 5:55 pm - WA
I ususally go by myself. It is completely safe.  They pick you up in San Diego at the airport in a OCC Van and take you to the Hotel (5 star wonderful) where they cater you your every need.  The OCC Van picks you up to go to OCC for your surgery - and then takes you back to the hotel.  It's up to you if you want to go out and about (I always do a shopping trip ) and then the OCC van takes you back to the airport.

I love going there - I sometimes spend an extra day in San Diego to visit Sea World.

I fly from Seattle - 2.5 hours non stop so that is never an issue - but I meet folks from all over the US there -

Let me know if you have other questions - I will be taking pics while I am there for my surgery and posting them...

on 10/1/11 5:43 am - MS
     Does that price include airfare, hotel and all that or is that seperate?    Also,  what is your surgery date ??    Gosh there are just SO MANY decisions to make !!!  
on 10/1/11 11:52 am - WA
that price includes all surgery, hotel and transportation to and from the airport.  It does not include airfare.  My flight was $250 rt from Seattle to San Diego...

Surgery is (gasp) Monday and I fly tomorrow morning.  I will be taking alot of little video clips and posting them so you can see the hotel, the OCC offices, the rooms - ect.

I would call OCC and talk to the docs there - they will give you the best advice on which surgery is right for you based on you.  I was looking at plication but went with sleeve as it's an easier revision if I need it later down the road.

Hope that helps..

on 11/3/11 2:42 pm - Baton Rouge, LA
Ding E Girl,
I had the same surgeon and now am dealing with the exact same thing.  I'd love to talk to you and see what your thoughts are about doing something different?  I'm not sure what to do now..

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Hi Ding-E-Girl,

I had a lap band done in 2008, it sucked lost 17 lbs and gained 14 lbs.  In 2009 I had the VSG.  I lost 30 lbs with the sleeve and then gained back 15 lbs.  I too ate the wrong things and now I am getting help with a therapist.  I realized that I need help with emotional eating.  

I have been researching and really would like to be revised to DS.  RNY just scares me.  I also notice there are quite a few out there getting revised from a RNY to DS.   Maybe you could be approved for a DS, you never know unless you ask.  Yes find a surgeon that has done lost of revisions.  Also find a surgeon that has done all 4 surgeries.  This way you know that he will be knowledgeable & honest on which surgery would benefit you.

Best Wishes







on 11/8/11 10:19 pm
VSG on 10/04/07 with
I had a VSG in October 2007. The weight fell off of me and I lost a total of 80lbs in 6 months. At that point, it stopped cold. I also felt my restriction go away around that time as well.

I have now gained back about 55lbs of my loss and am miseralble. I am pushing 300lbs again and know that I must have a revision done. I am seeking therapy as well as nutritional counseling so that I do not have a second failure.

I am looking to revise to an RNY as opposed to a DS because the research I have been doing does not support a good outcome for weight loss when the second step-the switch-is performed well after a VSG. I will continue to research this and wait until I meet with my new surgeon to make a final decision.
Trying to figure out my next step.
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Hi stormechaser,

I guess I'm like you.  I had my VSG in 2009.  My outcome might not be good either.

Never thought about that before.  Where did you find that information at?  I would like to see that as well. 

I'm right now in the process of BCBS Federal insurance doing their thing for approval of the RNY.  I'm also looking into the DS. with  Dr. Stewart.  








on 12/28/12 4:25 pm

While having a sleeve cut up and made into a pouch would be unfortunate for numerous reasons, it is unlikely that the results from revising to RNY instead of a DS would yield better results. In fact, you will most likely have worse results doing that. There will be less weight loss, and you may gain dumping, reactive hypoglycemia, inability to take NSAIDs, or marginal ulcers. You will also be much more likely to lose future options for revision. 

Please do much more research, and don't rely on one surgeons information, as many have biased advice based on what surgeries they actually perform. 

on 10/9/12 5:16 am
Hey Sleeve Friends,

I am officially scared after reading all of your posts about regaining the weight and needing additional revision surgery.  I thought the sleeve would be my last stop.  I did achieve goal in March 2012 but I am now 5 pounds over goal and fighting it every day.  I really think it is my emotional eating rearing its ugly head.  I guess I never really addressed that issue.  I have an appointment to see a counselor about that to stop the madness before it becomes a 40 pound problem!

For those of you considering a lapband....DON'T DO IT!  I had one and it slipped within 4 months of getting it-and I don't blame my surgeon-he is the bomb!  The sleeve is the way to go.  I just need to stop all of the grazing that I am doing.  Plain and simple.

Thanks for grounding me and letting me know that I am normal.  I just need to take action...and fast!

on 10/9/12 11:59 pm - Davison, MI
Good luck with the Therapy!  I would say that is your best road to success!  Five pounds over goal is a great place to put your foot down and get your stuff togeather.

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won!  Sleeved 1/22/13!  At third goal, two years out and "normal"

on 12/27/12 8:53 pm - powell, TN

I know this is an older post so you ladies may not be on here any more but I had my sleeve april 18, 2011. Have lost 97 lb and stuck. Then I have been fighting with a few lbs that comes and goes. I had never herd of the possible buble in the stomach pouch but the restriction doesnt seem to be there and everyone keeps telling me oh thats because its been almost 2 yrs. Its fine its fine. I am really glad I found this. Hope you all are doing well now