lap band to sleeve revision---question about recovery

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VSG on 06/11/12
I consider myself fairly tolerant of pain. My lap band was more painfull than I expected though and now I wonder what I am facing. I am on the path to revision from lapband to sleeve. I just wonder how the pain was afterwards. How was your recovery in general?
on 1/2/12 10:58 am - Brooklyn, NY
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I got the lapband in 2006 and didn't find the lap band surgery and recovery to be that bad. Although I did have somewhat painful gas pains, I was ready to be back on my feet within days.

I just got sleeved and found the recovery to be much more difficult. I wasn't "back on my feet" for a week. I experienced more pain immediately after surgery (for about a day and a half). However, although my at home recovery took longer, I didn't experience a lot of pain, just...discomfort. However, my longer recovery could have been related to the fact that during the surgery, the surgeon had to deal with scar tissue when trying to remove the band.
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VSG on 06/11/12
Thanks bkdoll. My lap band was not terrible, just more painful than I expected after having gallbladder surgery a few years prior. I too was up and moving a day or so later. I just wondered if it was the same. Easier, or worse. I am afraid like yours it might be a little more painful. I had my band placed in 2007 and fear my scar tissue my be abundant. Well, not looking forward to this part of recovery, but not going to let this keep me from surgery, lil. Thanks again!
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on 1/2/12 11:47 am
the revision was more painful that the original lapband surgery.
i had adhesions on my liver & that lap incision where the stomach comes out from - were SORE.   very sore for a good wk.

recovery was fine - minus fatigue.
i was very fit going in & i can't figure out why it's taken me so long to get my energy up - but it did, SLOWLY though.

all else - it's been very easy to adjust to.

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VSG on 06/11/12
Thanks Daryl,
my port was very painful with lap band surgery, I guess it won't be too bad being removed, but I still worry.  Also, this is my 3rd laproscopic surgery so, I worry about the adhesions and stuff too.  The surgeon did not seam concerned, but I worry about having to convert to open due to all my previous laproscopic surgeries. Thanks for the insight though. I know its different for everyone, but it is so nice to hear and learn through others experiences.
on 1/3/12 10:06 pm
I was way more sore/tender with my band surgery than I was with my VSG revision. The most pain I experienced was the port area. I had hoards of scar tissues that was removed, and even to this day 2.5 years post revision, I still have some funky pain in that area if I "hit" that spot just right. The gas pain was so worse than with the band surgery. 
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on 1/4/12 2:21 am - Rochester, MN
I think it might have been slightly better with the VSG-but maybe only because I knew what kind of pain I'd be in after having lap band and gallbladder surgeries.  The first few days were fine because I had lots of pain meds in the hospital but the first week home was rough.  I'm now 5 weeks out and almost feel back to normal.

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 7/11: Slipped band/problems. In process of revision to sleeve. 
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VSG on 06/11/12
Thanks Michael and dreamofpeace, I appreciate the information on your experiences. I have had gallbladder surgery and lap band too so I do expect pain, I just wondered if it was worse, the same or maybe even better. So, your responses have given me some idea and hope that it won't be too bad, lol.
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VSG on 06/11/12
Michael---cogtatulationsons on your weightloss! Your tracked looks fantastic! I can't wait to show one as the weight hopefully goes down for me!
Dreamofpeace---- congratulations on your recent surgery and glad to hear you are getting back to normal! I would love to hear about your progress as you go along.
That goes for any of you all. I Love hearing from others going through the same thing as me or already gone down the road I am facing ahead.
on 1/6/12 1:17 pm - Ceres , CA
My left side where the port was removed was very sore for a week. Read my Blog. I documented everything. 2 surgeries, EGD, upper GI, 13 days in the hospital and 12 days on a feeding tube. The band caused narrowing that we couldn't foresee. I had a lot of scar tissue and adhesions. The good new is I feel better and I can eat and drink. The feeding tube worked.