update...feeling sooo much better !!!

on 7/4/12 9:48 am - Dandridge, TN
Thanks to all the info to help me last week...

I have started taking my evening pills with goodbelly proboitics....I am also taking a quatro
I have also stopped drinking milk...I will try introducing it back into my diet later... hopefully I will be able to drink the milk again...(I really do like me a cold glass of milk ...)
I did have a glass of blue diamond chocolate almond milk...it was really good ...so I guess I wouldn't miss it  much!!!

I am feeling so much better...getting my strength back...I feel like I might live ...lol


Lapband .. May 2005 .. Starting weight 311.6
Revision surgery Jan 2012 .. RNY .. 231
Currant weight 168


Allen Y.
on 7/4/12 7:14 pm - Garland, TX
 I can't handle whole milk at all but 2% works just fine.

I used to dispise anything but whole milk.



on 7/5/12 9:14 am - Danville, PA
Revision on 06/18/12
So happy to hear you're feeling better. ;o)