revision rny to rny?? help??

on 9/6/12 10:13 pm - MI
Hello; I had my gastric bypass in June 2011. I lost 60# in 4 months, Then in October the weight loss just stopped & over a year later I haven't lost a single pound since.  In fact I have gained almost 10# back.  I had the endoscope a couple weeks ago & was told my (something?) was stretched out. ( I can't imagine how I stretched it out since all I eat is yogurt & baked potato) anyway my Dr gave me a diet pill to try for a few months While I'm waiting for this 2 months to be up I want to do the research about revisions.  IS it possible to just have the opening tightened surgically? IF so, has anyone had a positive outcome? help??
on 9/6/12 11:08 pm
Don't Do It!!!
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Why do you say dont do it?? (without me having to watch all the videos??)
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on 9/7/12 9:27 am - Wiesbaden, Germany
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Most, if not all, of the procedures used to adjust the pouch on an existing RnY don't do anything but take money from your pocket.

Problem is that revising from RnY to sleeve or DS takes an extremely experienced surgeon.  While I'm not personally a fan, you might want to talk to some of the Band Over Bypass folks who have had similar situations if you are hesitant to go the sleeve or DS route.  Otherwise, you might check out the DS surgery sites for possible experienced surgeons who can help you out.

on 9/7/12 10:27 am - MI

I wish I had options but I have medicare for insurance.  They would only cover the gastric bypass, no sleeve or band.  I'm not even sure if they will cover a revision...

on 9/7/12 4:31 pm
Medicare does cover revisions, and they do cover the duodenal switch.
on 9/8/12 10:07 pm - MI
Is that a procedure you had?  If so would you recommend it?
on 10/15/12 10:24 pm
While I don't know about revisions, Medicare DOES cover the DS...I know cause it paid for mine.

Oh and Medicare NOW covers the VSG (sleeve) as of this summer.


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on 9/7/12 6:48 am - Wiesbaden, Germany
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I'd get a second opinion, with a surgeon outside of the practice your current surgeon is in.  I don't know what else to tell you except that what you were eating shouldn't have had that effect on your pouch unless you were eating huge quanitites and, while I am not familiar with your eating habits, it's pretty unlikely that, in four months time, you could have possibly eaten huge quantities unless your surgery wasn't performed correctly.

on 9/7/12 8:34 am - MI

Thanks for your replies.  I just want to say that I really believe that my surgery wasn't done correctly.. I know it's easy to put the blame on them but I KNOW I didn't stretch my pouch especially in the first 4 months when I was on mainly liquids.  I didn't do any research on my surgeon and found out afterward that he was not as experienced as I would have liked.  The surgeon that performed my scope procedure was in the same practice but a much more experienced surgeon.  I do feel like I should try a different dr because I know they are not going to admit to any fault.  As soon as I healed I knew it wasn't right.  My weight loss just came to a dead stop.  I heard of people getting food or pills stuck, I never had anything like that happen, I could swallow 3 pills at a time with no problems. Now I'm nervous about trying to find a new dr. ugh....