Broken lap-band clasp/buckle??????

on 11/1/12 3:30 am - new bedford, MA
I had to get a fill today via fluro because I have been losing my fills. The Dr seemed a bit uncertain of the what the problem might be. He said there was no leak that he could see,my port was positioned fine and things seemed to be in place until he had me turn. Then he said "hmm looks like it tilts,maybe a slip but ill have to study the pics a little more". His main concern was that he filled me up to 10ccs and the band didn't close all the way. I was able to drink the barium no problem. I left,only to receive a call directly from him saying" we think the buckle is broken and thats why you don't have much if any restriction. My office will call you to set up surgery. I should have an opening in the next few weeks"
I've never heard of a broken clasp or as he referred to it the buckle. If anyone has info as to how this happens idd really appreciate it. I can't seem to find anything on the net :o(
Thank you in advance
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on 11/1/12 7:25 am - Wiesbaden, Germany
DS on 10/08/13

Aaah, now I understand your band forum post better.

I don't have first hand knowledge of this but, in several posts than Nana B has written this week on the lap band forum, this issue has been raised, although the context was somewhat different.  The primary issue was whether or not the old 4.0cc bands (the original bands) could be unbuckled and rebuckled.  The newer bands (10.0cc and 14.0cc) most definitely can: they were specifically designed to allow that. 

It will require a surgery but an unclasped buckle CAN be reset.  Regardless of whether it is a old or new technology.

However, you are on the revision forum.  Is there something else on your mind?  Are you considering a revision to a different surgery?  (It's fine that you are here if you are simply interested in getting your band fixed but enquiring minds want to know.)


on 11/1/12 9:32 am - Vancouver, WA

Yep I agree with CB should be fairly easy fix unfortunately they do have to get inside to do it. Has to be frustrating to keep losing restriction, this should hopefully get you back on track, good luck!

on 11/1/12 3:31 pm - Davison, MI

So if it is broken are they putting in a new one?  Or do they think they can just re-buckle?  Are you thinking of another surgery while they are in there?

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