Gastric bypass to sleeve

on 4/30/13 12:27 pm - ROSEDALE, NY
I'm thinking about having revision surgery from gastric bypass to the sleeve bcuz I only lost about 84lbs with the bypass and I was 299. My lowest weight was 215 and I just had a baby. My current weight is 250 after having my baby. I'm so scared to do the revision surgery. Anyone who went from gastric bypass to sleeve please tell me ur experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
on 4/30/13 12:33 pm
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I revised from RNY to DS in December. It has not been easy but it was really the only viable option for me. More about my surgery  and complications can be found on my profile.

Good luck


Revision from RNY to DS 12/10/12 Dr. Ara Kesishian BMI: 19

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on 4/30/13 12:35 pm
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Hi there. I went from the SLEEVE to the BYPASS... just curious on why you think you didn't lose as much as you wanted to? I'm 7 weeks out from the revision and have lost 35 pounds so far but it seems to be slowing down now. Any suggestions on what to or not to do..

on 4/30/13 5:46 pm - ROSEDALE, NY
I never heard of anyone going from sleeve to bypass. I didn't lose enough weight with the bypass bcuz I didn't eat the rite foods and I was able to anything rite back in a few weeks of having the bypass. It was so easy for me to eat bigger in a couple of months and I didn't like that. I couldn't eat a lot of foods to help control my eating. Or only eat a very small portion and I had a baby 5 months ago and I gained 30 lbs. I wish I could have the bypass all over again.
on 4/30/13 1:49 pm - Vancouver, WA

Have you checked to see if this is possible because I've been on these boards for over 6 years and I have never heard of anyone going from RNY to sleeve. Maybe it is something new I haven't heard of but I would think someone would know about it if it were being done on a regular basis.

on 4/30/13 2:14 pm
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Yes this is possible.  I am living proof and it  is discussed here daily. First part of the conversion to DS is to put the stomach back together then sleeve it. It is a complicated serious surgery and thus very few Dr's are vetted or qualified to preform this surgery.

Smilingjamie has posted a list of DS revision Dr's. Do a search. If I find it I will post it...



Revision from RNY to DS 12/10/12 Dr. Ara Kesishian BMI: 19

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on 4/30/13 2:19 pm
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Dr. Keshishian, located in California

Dr. Rabkin, located in California

Dr. Stewart, located in Texas

Dr. Simper, locted in Utah

Dr. Elariny, located in Virginia

Dr. Roslin, located in New York

Dr. Buchwald, located in Minnesota

Of course, the above doctors are in the United States 

Dr. Baltasar, located in Spain

Dr. Marchesini, located  in Brazil

Revision from RNY to DS 12/10/12 Dr. Ara Kesishian BMI: 19

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Tracy Ta Da
on 5/17/13 6:55 am - Hurst, TX
RNY on 12/31/03 with

Where did you do the majority of your research, dsfacts?

on 4/30/13 5:38 pm - ROSEDALE, NY
Thank you so much whit. I read ur profile and I saw it wasn't a easy surgery but congrats on ur success and stay strong. Did you know that with the gastric bypass they can also tighten up the pouch or shave it back down or shorten the intestines so you can start losing weight again??? Anyone familiar with theses other procedures after having the gastric bypass???
on 5/2/13 6:43 am

Your odds of taking off all your excess weight, and keeping it off long-term, are best with the complete DS, not just the Sleeve. There are  couple of things they've tried to reduce the size of your pouch and/or tighten up your stoma, but they don't seem to work very well. You definitely do NOT want them shortening your intestines while keeping your pouch---with short intestines, you really need to be able to eat like a DSer.

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