Band to sleeve

on 12/22/13 8:22 pm - York Haven, PA
VSG on 12/02/14

Anyone have the band removed and had the sleeve done at the same time? I haven't really had any problems with the band medically ( slipped leaked etc) I just stopped losing and I can't be filled anymore because I get stuck and vomit a lot, with the slightest fill and I have begun to gain the weight back that I did loose, multible back surgeries causing limited movement, and exercise, just wondering if the two can be done at the same time

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on 12/23/13 12:22 am - Cortlandt Manor, NY

I'm having band to sleeve revision surgery on the 30th. They will remove band & do sleeve in one surgery, unless they find any issues that would require me to wait for the sleeve (excessive scar tissue).


on 12/23/13 12:26 am - York Haven, PA
VSG on 12/02/14

Best of luck!  I was banded 3/09 lost about 80 lbs but the last 8months  or so I have gained. many back surgeries and not being very mobile,  hoping for the revision dr appt  Jan 9. 

  2/09 pre. 264.7            214 lbs. Band removal.  4/29/20014       revision to sleeve 12/2/14  243.4

on 12/24/13 3:30 pm, edited 12/29/13 5:51 am - Davison, MI

Hi Lucky!  I had mine done in two surgeries with 4 months in between for the damage from the band to heal.  They didn't know how much damage was done until they got in there.  I believe they thought it was just me until than.  I wanted mine done in one but they said the official recommendation from their ass is to wait in between to reduce risk of complications.  Based on this and seeing here those that do have complication are done in one surgery, I wouldn't push for it to be done at the same time.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you!

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on 12/28/13 9:47 pm - TX
VSG on 12/16/13

I was just de banded and sleeved two weeks ago in the same surgery. I'd had my band since 2009 and it was just terrible. My surgeon always does band revisions in one surgery. I also had a surprise hernia repair. 



Kerry B.
on 1/4/14 12:23 am
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on 1/9/14 11:01 pm - Austin, TX

I had mine done at the same time. Since there's more to do during the surgery, I had a bit more swelling of the stomach tissues than usual, so liquid could barely make it through during my swallow study the next day. I stayed in-patient for two days. The only incision site that really hurt was the one where my port used to be, which they also used to remove the band and pull out the stomach tissue. I was plenty ready to be back at work in two weeks, recovery was very easy.

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