Revision after gastric bypass anyone???

on 4/14/16 11:38 am


I had the gastric bypass 9 years ago and was able to keep off 140 pounds but I am still overweight at 225 and looking into getting a revision done. Has anyone one had a revision after the gastric bypass?? If so what was your experience

on 4/14/16 1:23 pm - Schaumburg, IL

Hi...I had RNY 11 years ago, lost 120 lbs and gained 20 back. I never got really down - I wear size 16. My surgeon did an endoscope and found that my stoma was very large. Last Thursday I underwent the Appollo Overstitch. It's done endoscopically and I only missed 2 days of work. I am on a clear liquid diet this week and have lost 10 lbs. I panic thinking that I'm drinking too much at one time...I also have nightmares that I'm eating a protein bar and having a diet coke! So far so good. I'm not really hunger but find that sometimes I just want to eat and then I have some decaf hot tea.

Hope this helps!


on 4/14/16 1:33 pm

Hi Scmcdunn,

Thank you for the feedback I go to see a doctor next month and I will ask about the overstitch to see if this would be an option for me 

on 4/19/16 7:38 am

Sue , thank you ! ! reading this post I am felling hopeful again I had my gastric bypass 7 years ago ..I have had so many bad things happen in my life an have totally lost track of taking care of me .Till a month ago I didn't care or notice always caring for others .I am depressed so bad I am gaining weight back 80 lbs to be honest. I need help an I am going to call the Dr office right now an make a appointment to see if I too can get this Apollo stitch .I want an need to loose more weight I feel like crap everyday an the weight creeping back up on me is making everything in my life worse ..Prayer's this will be my answer again ? keep your fingers crossed for me thank you for your post .feeling hopeful Ruth glens falls new York . 

Ruth M Hart

on 4/20/16 3:09 am

I'm in the same boat - had the surgery 2004, high weight 285 dropped to 202 but have fluctuated since from 204-218 never breaking 200, went in once to ask about a revision but the doctor said I didn't need one never examining me to see why no more weight loss. I was very happy at first but I never lost anymore weight and am disappointed in my lack of weight loss. Was thinking about a second opinion


Nancy C.
on 5/8/16 4:23 am - Dallas, TX

YES, if your doctor answers your question without even looking or touching you find another doctor. I was seriously ill and I had to keep looking for another doctor for 2 years until I found one that could diagnosis me and perform the surgery I needed. Never give up and if your instincts tell you the answer he gave you doesn't seem right, then it probably isn't. Good luck. 

on 4/20/16 8:18 am - Schaumburg, IL

Ruth...I'm 2 weeks out and have lost 13 lbs! All the restriction is back and I didn't even feel like I had anything done except that I had a sore throat and was tired from the general anesthesia.

Check out the Apollo Overstitch animation online, there is a great animation that shows the procedure. Then find a doctor experienced with it!


Good Luck!

on 12/9/16 4:23 pm

Thank you .I feel hopeful but I surely need a new Dr office .

Ruth M Hart

on 5/17/16 7:09 am - Schaumburg, IL

You are welcome! I am now down 23 lbs and highly recommend this procedure. I did have to jump through the insurance hoops and go to my doctor every month for 6 months to document that I tried to lose weight. It really was a pretty easy procedure. I stayed home for 2 days (including the day of the procedure) and went back to work on a Monday.

I now am eating 600-800 calories/day and write everything down! I'm going to go back to the dietician next month. It's great to feel like you have a second chance!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


on 4/20/16 3:04 am

Hello what caused your stoma to be large?


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